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Agronomy students are suspected of being uprooted by wheat harvesting, Northwestern University of Agriculture and Forestry Responds


JiMu News Client reported on June 15th. On June 14, the video of thousands of teachers and students from Northwest A&F University harvesting wheat in the field was circulated on the Internet. While public opinion affirmed the combination of the school’s theory and practice, some netizens questioned the school’s “showing” and criticized some students for not understanding the common sense of wheat harvesting and “uprooting”. In response to this, the school responded to Jimu News that this method of harvesting wheat is for breeding needs, and some netizens have misunderstood.

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Netizens questioned the screenshot

On June 14, teachers and students of Northwest A&F University in Yangling Demonstration Zone, Shaanxi, harvested wheat in the field. It is reported that 3391 freshman students from 22 majors of the school will all go to the city to participate. This time, the video of the students harvesting wheat in the field was also circulated on the Internet. The topic of the Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University organizing three thousand students to harvest wheat was also posted on Weibo.

Regarding the school organizing students to participate in the harvesting of wheat, most netizens agree with the school’s teaching methods and praise the combination of professional knowledge and practice. But at the same time, some netizens questioned the school’s suspicion of making a show, thinking that mechanical harvesting is now very convenient and manual harvesting is not necessary. In addition, in the video, some students did not use sickles to harvest wheat, but “uprooted”. Some netizens criticized them for not understanding agricultural knowledge.

On the morning of June 15, a reporter from Jimu News contacted the Propaganda Department of Northwest A&F University. A staff member responded that the wheat harvesting was carried out in the test field, so the machine could not be used. “Some netizens are not very familiar with the process of wheat breeding, so they have misunderstood. The uprooting of wheat is to observe the root system of wheat, and to measure the stalk height and ear quantity of wheat for scientific control experiments.” The staff member introduced.

A staff member of the Office of the School of Agriculture of the school said that the annual “three summer” wheat harvesting work is the school’s tradition, and the participants are all freshmen of the school. They are mainly responsible for harvesting, threshing, seed selection, etc. Related work.

Teacher Zhang, a freshman student counselor of the College of Agriculture, told JiMu News that their school students have “three trainings”, namely “work training, agricultural training and military training”. The “three summers” wheat harvesting work is one of the three trainings “agricultural training.” Content. Teacher Zhang also introduced that this year’s agricultural training lasts for more than ten days, starting on June 7 and ending on June 18. Each student takes turns to participate in half a day.

Zhang Zijun, a freshman who participated in agricultural training last week, told reporters that he was mainly responsible for threshing in this agricultural training course. He had also participated in similar social practice activities before. By participating in agricultural training courses, he could feel the importance of combining theory and practice. .

Jimu News reporter inquired and learned that the predecessor of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University was the National Northwest Agriculture and Forestry College established in 1934. It is the earliest higher agricultural and forestry education institution in the Northwest region, and it is also directly under the Ministry of Education and is the focus of the original “985 Project” and “211 Project”. Construction of colleges and universities, the first batch of national “world-class universities and first-class disciplines” construction colleges and universities.

The school has cultivated the world’s largest fine wheat variety “Bi Ma No. 1” with the largest cumulative promotion area, the distant hybrid wheat variety “Xiaoyan No. 6” that has long led the replacement of wheat varieties in my country, and my country’s independent cultivation and promotion area of ​​the largest fine wheat variety The direct economic benefits of popularization and transformation of important scientific and technological achievements such as the apple variety “Qin Guan” have exceeded 300 billion yuan.

(The original title is: “The “uprooting” of wheat received by agronomy students is questioned, Northwest A&F University responds”)

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