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‘Dam Tong’ released ‘hot’ photos, revealing a basket of amazing tattoos


Recently, “Conversation” made fans look up with a new style of photography that is extremely hot.

Linh Ngoc Dam, also known as “Dam general” is a female streamer who owns a cool style and often challenges herself with many different styles. In particular, she is a character who owns many unique tattoos on her body. Recently, on her personal Instagram page, Linh Ngoc Dam posted an extremely artistic but no less sexy photo. This photo cleverly flaunts the bare back of “Dam General” making fans admire. Owning a slim and slim body, this female streamer shows off a bit of a bold photo without reducing the sexiness. Although there are so many tattoos, but looking at Linh Ngoc Dam, people don’t see any “tiger” but only see a certain attraction. It is known that Linh Ngoc Dam owns nearly 10 tattoos in many places on her body. Her tattoos are expressed in many different art styles, from geometric styles to painting scenes or series of numbers recording the owner’s own memories. The small tattoos on her body are like jewelry to express her personality clearly. Because they all choose small and beautiful tattoos, in delicate positions such as the arm, behind the ear, looking at Linh Ngoc Dam tattooed, people do not see “tiger” at all. Linh Ngoc Dam’s first tattoo is located on the back with the number 15/7 – Vu Lan holiday. On her back is a tattoo of her own name. In addition, Linh Ngoc Dam also has some double tattoos with friends or important people in her life. In it, 2 close friends, 2 streamers Uyen Pu and Linh Ngoc Dam, both have double tattoos with Linh Ngoc Dam. Linh Ngoc Dam is a female streamer born in 1996, after building a career in Hanoi, she decided to “Nam Tien” and achieved many successes. After only a few years in Saigon, Linh Ngoc Dam bought many real estate properties and opened her own cafe beside her streamer career. Photo: FBNV Invite readers to watch the video: Cat Cafe, Thousand Corners of Fantasy Live Streamer Linh Ngoc Dam – Source: YAN News