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Dressed in a ‘mature’ style, a hot girl from Vietnam – America is charming


Unlike the hot girls ‘with a skeleton,’ Wilson Nhat Anh (Sunna) has a very unique beauty with a round body, especially she is a fan of fashion with a bit of sexy revealing.

Tran Nhat Anh is also known as Wilson Nhat Anh, or Sunna is a genuine hybrid hot girl, she has an American father and a Vietnamese mother.

On the social network Instagram, Sunna is one of the hot girls with a prominent face, attracting the attention of young people.

Unlike the beautiful girls of the new generation today, Sunna impresses with her round body, “mature” style but not offensive.

Looking at the pictures with Sunna’s beauty and body on her personal page, it is hard to believe that this is a 19-year-old girl.

She is one of the famous “hybrid roses” among Vietnamese youth.

Sunna owns three standard measurements of 90 – 66 – 95. Her personal page has more than 100,000 followers.

Hot girl Saigon has been commented to have a “mature” fashion sense because of her chubby body and extremely “big” bust.

Although she dresses quite revealing, likes clothes that hug her body, but Sunna’s style is still not considered offensive.

Sunna does not want to follow the general trend. The girl born in 2002 thinks that owning a slightly rounded body is her unique feature.

The chubby girl is still as beautiful as a muse. Sunna’s three balance circles are the “weapon” to help her conquer all sexy fashion.

Sunna’s beauty is completely natural, even though she was rumored to have plastic surgery interventions by many netizens.

Currently, Sunna is selling cosmetics online. In addition, she also wishes to become a model with a different blooming body. Photo: FBNV

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