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Fans are interested in the couple’s secret to buying a house at the age of 22 with an income of 25 million, saving 20 million


Although the income is not high, by saving money, the 22-year-old couple in Hai Phong have owned their own house.
The couple Minh Hang, who is currently living and working in Hai Phong, shared that they felt very happy and happy when they moved into their house in the center of Hai Phong city.

The house that Minh Hang and his wife “bought” at the age of 22 Minh Hang’s house has an area of ​​34 square meters, built on the land that the couple bought 2 years ago. The land price when bought at that time was 340 million VND. Minh Hang said: “This house was bought by the couple in the form of a one-time direct payment. During the buying process, the couple only had 400 million in savings. After buying the land, the money was 340 million. Construction and renovation cost about 400 million more. This cozy space of a Hai Phong couple was designed by a husband, working with a craftsman to select materials and then come up with ideas for arranging furniture. Everything in the house is designed and selected by Minh Hang and his wife The process of building, repairing and renovating the house the couple did not have enough money had to borrow. In order not to lose more interest, Hang and his wife borrowed from colleagues, relatives and friends. “We can borrow as much as we can, then we continue to work, when we run out of money, we run to borrow money. My husband designs, works with workers to choose materials and then comes up with ideas for arranging furniture. I see Thanks to doing a lot of things by myself, the cost has also decreased significantly. Fortunately, up to now, my husband and I have paid off all our debts and stabilized our lives in this new space, “- Hang added. This house is the “sweet fruit” after a series of thrifty spending days To be able to own a house in the center of Hai Phong is the non-stop saving process of the couple. Hang added: “The income of the couple is not much, the total monthly is 25 million dong. I myself consider that the income of the couple is not high, and there are no additional jobs outside of the family. When we buy land and build a house with the money we save from our monthly income, my husband and I are very aware of how important it is to spend wisely and thriftily.” Despite living frugally, Minh Hang’s meals are still full of nutrients The expenses in the family are recorded very clearly by Hang. Every month, the amount of food, expenses and living expenses is about 3 million pouring in. The money generated is about 2 million more for the total spending of 5 million. The amount of money saved to come out, on average, is about 20 million VND per month. If a month does not spend all of the amount of 5 million, the excess money will be put away to save and then spend on arising expenses. Although she spends frugally, looking at Minh Hang’s family tray shows that she is a skillful and daring wife. In order to get nutritious meals, Hang has worked hard to go to wholesale markets or choose to buy clean upstream foods in large quantities and then put them away gradually. Each expense is fully recorded by Hang According to this young wife, buying a house requires a huge amount of money and is also the goal of many people. Therefore, the sooner a family has a reasonable spending plan, the dream of buying a house will soon be realized. Besides, to be able to own the house as soon as possible, you need to determine the route as well as the most optimal way to save. Just preparing a financial plan with clear goals will help you control the cash flow in the best way. And buying a home will be as easy as holding it in the palm of your hand. See more: ‘Saint’ of savings: For 15 years spent 42k per day, 6 years became the mistress of 3 billion-dollar houses