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Getting rich is not difficult: Banana leaves as cosmetic trays in Korea are extremely expensive!


While we often use banana leaves to wrap sticky rice and cakes, banh tet… at a very cheap price, even for free, in Korea these ‘green’ decorative trays are sold at extremely high prices – up to 600,000 VND.
This is called Banana Leaf Tray, produced by Appree company from Korea, using green banana leaves to create trays to store food, or to store and organize utensils neatly. They want to help users feel nature through stationery that you can easily access in daily life.

The banana leaf trays look like the trays you used to play with when you were a kid… …but they cost as much as 600,000 VND! Instead of using plastic or stainless steel boxes, we can completely use banana leaves to create extremely eco-friendly decorative trays. Because banana leaves are very biodegradable organic waste, users do not have to worry about recycling like when using plastic. The trays are made from green banana leaves The tray can be reused by washing with water. Admittedly, it is that food, or even utensils placed on banana leaves, always look more beautiful when placed on dishes and plastic boxes. For those who are far from home, when using these banana leaf trays, they will feel familiar and close like being in Vietnam. Banana leaves are the perfect backdrop for dishes. Looks small and cute, but these trays are currently being sold in Korea for about 200,000 VND to 600,000 VND depending on the product size. There are 3 types of long, large and small banana leaf trays for you to choose from.