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Hanoi deploys 91,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine for the 3rd and 4th phase


On June 11, according to the Hanoi Department of Health, the Ministry of Health has allocated 91,000 doses of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine in phase 3 and phase 4 to Hanoi.

Thanh Nhan Hospital deploys AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine for medical staff. Accordingly, this number of vaccines is distributed by the Hanoi Department of Health to districts, towns. Districts, towns and cities have prepared to deploy the third phase of Covid-19 vaccination according to the plan of the Ministry of Health and the guidance of the Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology. It is expected that the vaccination against Covid-19 in this batch will end in July 2021. The Covid-19 vaccine in the 3rd and 4th waves will focus on giving the first dose to priority subjects in the spirit of Resolution 21/NQ-CP of the Government, that is, people working in medical facilities. health (medical staff working at domestic and non-public health facilities have not been vaccinated); participants in epidemic prevention and control; staff directly participating in service at concentrated isolation areas; members of the City’s Steering Committee for Epidemic Prevention and Control, the Health Sector Steering Committee for Epidemic Prevention and Control, the Steering Committees at all levels and branches; Community Covid-19 Team members have not been vaccinated… In addition, those who have received the 1st dose will be given the 2nd dose after being given the next round of vaccines (batches 5 and 6). Priority subjects received 1 dose of vaccine and the interval between 2 injections was at least 8 weeks. Tran Thi Nhi Ha, Director of the Hanoi Department of Health, said that Hanoi puts vaccination safety first. Districts, towns need to proactively arrange safe vaccination points and strengthen inspection and supervision of vaccination points, ensuring full compliance with the vaccination process as prescribed by the Ministry of Health. Previously, Hanoi deployed the first phase of Covid-19 vaccination for more than 8,400 people and the second phase for more than 53,000 people. Step 1: Visit https://www.bluezone.gov.vn or download directly at App Store or CH Play. Step 2: Once downloaded, the application will ask for permission to use Bluetooth to record contact with other Bluezone installed users. If Bluetooth is not open, drag the status bar and turn on Bluetooth; or go to Settings, select Bluetooth and turn it on. Step 3: Once the installation is done, click Scan Around. If someone near you less than 2m has used Bluezone, the application will automatically identify these users and put them in the contact list.