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Tieu Vy exercises with music, Thuy Van meditates during the epidemic season


The Vietnamese beauty and runner-up group spends time practicing at home and has their own diet to keep fit.
Since the end of May, Vietnamese showbiz has temporarily suspended operations due to the influence of the epidemic. Sports centers and gyms are closed.

In order to keep fit and maintain health, the Vietnamese beauty and runner-up team diligently practiced at home. Besides, they also take advantage of their free time to beautify, take care of their skin and body. Tieu Vy exercises online with her personal trainer During the time of observing social distancing, Miss Tieu Vy chose a diet supplemented with many essential nutrients for the body. Tieu Vy shared with Zing : “Currently, I mainly choose protein-rich foods to help increase muscle such as meat, fish, eggs… I also limit the use of fatty foods, instead eating a lot of green vegetables and fruits every day.” Miss Vietnam 2018 focuses on healthy eating to help the body stay healthy and beautiful from the inside. Previously, due to the nature of work, Tieu Vy’s eating time was sometimes not fixed. Now, she can take care of each meal more. Miss divided into many meals, do not eat too full to maintain weight. Tieu Vy works hard at home to maintain her attractive body. Photo: Trantieuvy_20. Not going to the gym, Tieu Vy maintains her workout at home with her personal trainer. “The training schedule is not fixed, but I usually arrange about 3-4 sessions a week. Each training session is about 2 hours,” said Tieu Vy. Miss Vietnam 2018 said that the limited space at home did not affect her exercise. “Once I set a goal, no matter what the environment, I still try to achieve it. Practicing at home is also more comfortable, without wasting time commuting to the gym. However, if you only practice at home, sometimes it is boring. So from time to time, I will invite my friends to go for a run outdoors,” she said. To make exercising at home more exciting, Tieu Vy plays music while practicing. In addition, she also watched clips of gym training online and followed the instructions. Do My Linh does not diet during the epidemic season Like Tieu Vy, Do My Linh likes to exercise with music to make her mood happier and more motivated. Do My Linh shared: “Before the outbreak came back, I used to go to the gym and jog outdoors. In a fully equipped gym, I easily exercised different muscle groups. However, to comply with the epidemic prevention distance, practicing at home is not too difficult for me. Every day, I do some simple cardio exercises with a duration of 30 minutes / session.” Do My Linh eats on time, doesn’t eat late at night to keep fit and prevent excess fat. Photo: Domylinh1310. Regarding the diet during the epidemic season, Do My Linh ensures full nutrition with a scientific menu. She hardly abstains. Miss Vietnam 2016 eats a lot of vegetables, tubers, fruits and nuts to provide healthy nutrients. “Fruits contain a lot of vitamins such as vitamin C to help increase resistance, which is essential at times of epidemics,” she shared. Do My Linh has breakfast at 9am, lunch at 12pm and dinner between 6pm and 7pm so that the body has time to expend energy. She restricts eating after 8 pm or eating late at night to prevent excess fat accumulation. During the days of work suspension due to the epidemic, Do My Linh took advantage of her free time to take care of her skin. She bathed with a mixture of oatmeal, red beans, and yogurt to make her skin whiter and smoother. Thuy Van focuses on a nutritious menu Thuy Van has a busy schedule with her own company and art projects. When Ho Chi Minh City implements social distancing, she takes care of her daily eating habits. Miss Universe Vietnam 2019 runner-up eats a lot of green vegetables, fruits and nuts. Every day, she drinks vitamins and juices to help provide vitamins to increase resistance. Thuy Van said: “I use multivitamins and milk to get enough nutrients for myself and my children.” During the day, the beauty eats 3 main meals, 2 snacks with 3 glasses of milk. Thuy Van chooses a nutritious and healthy menu during the epidemic season. Photo: Phamhongthuyvan. Thuy Van chose a simple but regular exercise routine during the epidemic season. Every morning, she does warm-up exercises and at night meditates. “Exercise at home is also quite restrictive, but this is a way to exercise health and ensure safety during the epidemic season. To have more motivation to exercise, I wear exercise clothes, listen to music and change many different spaces. “, Thuy Van shared. In her spare time, Thuy Van concocts a number of beauty recipes with natural ingredients such as skin care masks and hair masks. This is a way for her to both take care of herself and not be bored when staying at home for a long time. What to eat to lose weight fast? Choosing the right foods helps you achieve your weight loss goals sooner.