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Hanoians flock to shopping centers on public holidays


At noon on May 2, the supermarket system, the food stalls in a commercial center in Hanoi were crowded with shoppers, enjoying food on the occasion of the holiday.

Many commercial centers in Hanoi on the morning of May 2 welcome a large number of guests to play and eat. Including the Japanese brand supermarket system in Long Bien district, the shopping area is crowded with people starting at 11am. The checkout area is always crowded. Prices today are the same as usual. Visitors here wear 100% masks due to the development of the Covid-19 epidemic, which is at risk of a resurgence. According to a security guard, the number of customers flocking here on weekends is higher than on weekdays, especially today is a holiday, so the workload of supermarket staff increases several times. Resting area, using soft drinks is full at 11:45. Today, the majority of customers are families bringing children, the elderly or organizing relatives to go out. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh and his girlfriend, after shopping for clothes, went to a shop selling stuffed animals to visit. He said the purpose of coming here on a day off is sightseeing, walking is the main thing, not shopping or eating. Mr. Hoa (a resident of Long Bien district, right) enters an electronics store to buy technology products. Initially, he chose to buy a laptop with a price of 13 million VND for the purpose of watching movies online instead of the phone because of the large screen, but after someone recommended using a smart TV, he reconsidered. . The stalls selling fast food are full. The person who came after did not have a seat. Similar is the stall selling Vietnamese, Hong Kong, Thai hotpot… Man traveling with his family enjoying a quick lunch. The price of a hot pot here is from 300,000 VND, guests can choose according to the combo depending on their preferences and needs. Customers are especially crowded in the fast food area and have to wait in line for tens of minutes to get their turn. However, there are no seats inside, many people buy to take out to enjoy. The gaming area is also full, customers are mainly young people and young people. The machines work continuously, many young people have to stand next to them and wait for their turn. While the food stalls, supermarkets are crowded, the stalls selling household goods, fashion… are quite deserted. Trang, an employee at the shopping center, said that customers flock here often near lunch and dinner time, and normally on the floors there are only scattered people.