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How romantic are Chengdu people?The Xi’an girl traveled to Chengdu 8 times and was captured one after another


This is Xiao Yu’s travel diary, stop and go, and see Chengdu with me. I have been to Chengdu 8 times before and after, some of them made a special trip to travel, and some went there because of connecting flights. The most memorable one was when the Xicheng-Chengdu high-speed rail was opened, and I went to Chengdu with my friends for a weekend, just for food. As far as foreign tourists are concerned, it is difficult for people who want to know a city and a city to fully experience it with just a few tasteful trips. However, I always feel that Chengdu is a city with a distinctive character. The leisure and romance in its bones permeate the corners of the city. Even a foreign tourist can easily be infected and captured. Fun in Chengdu Chengdu is probably the first batch of “net celebrity” cities in China. Under the “impression” of fast-paced modern life, coming to Chengdu to see pandas, eat skewers, play mahjong and drink tea has become the goal of many tourists. Chengdu’s leisure label is so dazzling that it conceals its profound cultural heritage. As one of the country’s first historical and cultural cities, Chengdu has a history of nearly three thousand years and has left many places of interest. However, unlike other historical and cultural cities with simple and heavy images, Chengdu is romantic, interesting, and even cute. Chengdu Wuhou Temple, the only temple in China where the monarchs and ministers are worshipped together, is a memorial place for Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei and the heroes of the Shu Han Dynasty. Wuhou Temple is solemn and quiet. Walking quietly in it, you can feel a unique charm precipitated by history. With such profound background, a section of “Red Wall and Bamboo Shadow” has fixed the unique romance and beauty of Shu. The red wall twists and turns, and the bamboo branches are verdant green. How many visitors have ever admired this beautiful scenery of red walls, green bamboos and winding paths? Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage also has a “red wall and bamboo shadow”, but it is more beautiful, the little beauty hidden in the details. The wooden windows and green plants, the reflection of the huts…make people feel that the aesthetics are always online. The cute cartoon little monk in the Daci Temple really surprised me, a tourist who wandered through the famous temples of Xi’an ancient temples. The “largest temple in Bashu” for more than 1600 years has followed the trend of the times so closely, and captured countless tourists and pilgrims with the cute and beloved “Yuanyi” little monk. The cartoon little monk of Daci Temple is cute and cute, and the stone sculptures of Qingyang Palace are not inferior. Obviously it is the appearance of fluttering clothes and a fairy-like spirit, but it puts on a cute and loving gesture, how can people not look at him more? Tea flavor Chengdu I’ve been to Chengdu a few times, and I have visited many paid attractions and free parks. The biggest feeling is that tea houses are everywhere, not to mention the streets and alleys, parks and pedestrian streets, even temples, Taoist temples, all have tea houses. There is always a feeling that no matter when and where, give Chengdu people a cup of tea and they can sit down and grow old. The tradition of drinking tea in old Chengdu has a long history. It is said that the earliest teahouse in China originated in Sichuan. According to historical records: in the last years of the Qing Dynasty, the streets and alleys of Chengdu were full of tea houses; in the 1940s, Chengdu had a population of more than 600,000, of which nearly 120,000 were veritable “tea visitors”. The standard equipment of the old Chengdu teahouse is a large circle bamboo chair and a white porcelain blue and white cover bowl tea cup. In addition, add some leisure items, ear-cutting, massage and so on. In short, a cup of tea is half of the leisure history of Chengdu people. When you come to Chengdu, don’t just go to the sights in a hurry. You must find an old teahouse for tea. The place does not need to be so tall, the most important thing is to be grounded. Sit on the big circle bamboo chair and feel the pleasure of a half-day leisurely life. This is the life aesthetics of old Chengdu. Spicy Chengdu How many tourists are attracted by the hot pot and skewers in Chengdu? To be honest, I once came to Chengdu for two days and one night, but I didn’t go to any attraction, just to eat. Chengdu cuisine has a unique flavor and a wide range of categories, from various kinds of small noodles to chao shou, dumplings, from marinades to cold dishes, from pan-fried preserves to pastry dumplings, from steaming and baking to deep-fried deep-frying. But to summarize a feature, it is definitely-spicy. Whether it’s hot pot, skewers, maocai or Sichuan cuisine, Chengdu people love to eat spicy food, and even the streets and alleys have a spicy flavor. Probably because there are too many hot pot skewers restaurants! People in Sichuan and Chengdu love spicy food for reasons such as geography and immigration, but today, spicy food has become the “symbol” of Sichuan and Chengdu, and it also shows a reckless, free and easy character. Some people say: Chengdu people pay attention to eating and drinking throughout their lives, so they live a free, romantic and casual life. What do you think? Of course, although I have been to Chengdu 8 times before and after, as a tourist, these are just my few travel experiences. If you know Chengdu, why not come and talk about Chengdu in your eyes! If you want to learn more about popular and fun tourist destinations, you are welcome to pay attention to “Xiaoyu’s Travel Diary”. Discover more beautiful worlds with Xiaoyu!