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How to cook dashi broth for babies to eat according to the recipe of Vietnamese mothers in Japan


According to Rabbit’s mother, most children in Japan love it and are often given dishes by their mothers with tuna seaweed dashi broth.
In Japanese weaning, dashi broth is said to be an extremely important ingredient that contains many nutrients that are very good for children. Regular dashi broth will be cooked with the children’s porridge. For children over 1 year old who have eaten hard rice, dashi can be cooked with vegetables or meat/fish and served with it.

The dashi broth is made from nutritious food ingredients. There are many types of dashi broth with different names derived from the ingredients used to make the broth, such as vegetable and fruit dashi broth; seaweed dashi broth, dried anchovies or dashi broth made from seaweed, tuna. In particular, tuna seaweed dashi broth is the top priority for Japanese mothers when preparing food for babies of weaning age because it contains seaweed – the number 1 food in Japan that helps provide iron as well as iron. other important micronutrients. Phuong Le (commonly known as Rabbit’s mother) has been a bride in Japan for many years and has two lovely children, Rabbit (nearly 2 years old) and Soc (7 months old). Baby Rabbit – Phuong Le’s daughter is now nearly 2 years old. 7 month old baby squirrel. Ms. Phuong Le said that when Rabbit was 5.5 months old, she started giving her baby Japanese-style weaning and the same for Soc. Having learned from many experts and mothers in Japan and understands the benefits of dashi broth, she always prioritizes using dashi when cooking food for her children. “ A Soc’s meal always consists of 3 dishes: thin porridge cooked in dashi broth, minced meat, small raisins and a vegetable dish. The purpose of cooking porridge, vegetables or fish meat separately is for the baby to recognize the taste, the mother knows what kind of food she likes or dislikes to adjust the processing accordingly. At the same time, processing into individual dishes will help children eat more deliciously “, shared Rabbit’s mother. Phuong Le often makes dashi broth to cook food for her children. Therefore, every time he eats, the baby squirrel is very excited. Here is a recipe for sweet, non-fishy tuna seaweed dashi that most children in Japan love shared by Rabbit’s mother: Prepare materials: – 15cm seaweed (kombu) – 10g katsuo (dried thinly sliced ​​tuna). Katsuo bags are often sold in abundance in Japanese supermarkets. Currently also present in the market of Vietnam. – 1 liter of clean water How to cook dashi stock: – Wash the seaweed, cut it into small pieces (seaweed is taken from the sea and then dried and packaged, not cleaned, so it must be washed). Seaweed needs to be washed before putting it in the cooking pot. – Put the seaweed in a pot with 1 liter of water, soak it for 30 minutes (so that the seaweed slime and the sweet flavors are absorbed into the water). Then boil. – After boiling for about 30 seconds, take out the seaweed, add the tuna. Do not simmer the seaweed for too long as it will make the dashi water fishy. Thinly sliced ​​dried tuna is now sold a lot in supermarkets. – Cook for about 30 seconds and then filter the tuna residue. Filter out the tuna residue… …remaining tuna seaweed dashi broth. – Let the dashi cool, put in the freezer tray. Every time you cook, take one out, very convenient. The dashi stock can be frozen in the freezer for about a week. – Once a week, cook the seaweed dashi broth – tuna you can use for the whole week. Good luck moms!