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Mole removal abstain from what? 6 foods you need to stay away from if you don’t want to get scarred


Mole removal, mole removal by high technology is becoming more and more popular because of its safety and effectiveness. But if you do not know what to remove a mole, it is easy to leave a scar.

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2. Mole removal abstain from what?
2.1. Mole removal should abstain from water
2.2. Mole removal abstain from what? 6 foods to stay away from after mole removal
3. How often does the mole burn go away? With the development of technology, women do not need to worry when there are poor moles that grow in the wrong place because they can completely erase them. However, taking care of the skin after mole removal is extremely important because it directly affects the aesthetic effect in the future. Therefore, what abstinence mole removal has won the attention of many people. Mastering the notes when taking care of skin, especially the foods after mole removal, help you have healthy skin without leaving scars after removing moles. 1. Mole removal Moles are spots that appear on the skin and are usually brown, black, or red. Depending on the appearance, the moles are usually raised or flat, smooth or rough. There are also some that grow hairs on the mole. The mole shape is usually round or oval with a soft border. It is known that most of the moles on the human face and body are benign and do not change over time. Only some moles are malignant because the mole can be mistaken for melanoma. Factors that increase the risk of developing moles such as sun exposure or people at risk for moles. Moles can reduce aesthetics and deteriorate the skin tone. Therefore, the mole removal method is applied by many women to have a bright face, without the unattractive moles. Mole removal is a measure that brings many aesthetic benefits – Internet photo Mole removal is dangerous? In fact, before you decide to remove a mole, you need to know that your mole is benign or is a manifestation of a medical condition. Because, this has a very serious effect. If it is a normal mole, removal of the mole is simple, without difficulty. However, if it is a pathological mole, the practice of mole removal can have unpredictable health risks. 2. Mole removal abstain from what? 2.1. Mole removal should abstain from water One of the first things to take after removing a mole is to avoid touching water. Experts recommend that you abstain from water for at least 3 days after removing the mole. After removing the mole, the skin is usually scaly and peeling off young skin. Therefore, abstaining from water during this early period will help the skin avoid damage to the skin structure. Then, women should also use clean water and add salt to clean the mole removal skin to avoid skin infection. Accordingly, in the first 3 days after removing the mole, you can lightly pat the dry skin with a cotton towel. The next caveat is that the cleanser should not be used during this time. The reason is that many cleansers contain cleansers that can damage the skin, causing the young skin to flake, and scratch the skin. In addition, after removing moles, you should avoid exposure to the sun, when going out, you need to carefully shield to avoid the appearance of dark pigmentation sinking on the skin. Should abstain from water in the first time after mole removal – Internet photo. 2.2. Mole removal abstain from what? 6 foods to stay away from after mole removal – Chicken: Chicken is a food that contains many nutrients that are extremely good for the body, however, for wounds after removing moles, you should stay away from this dish. The reason that chicken is a food should be avoided for mole remover is because eating chicken, especially eating chicken skin, will bring an uncomfortable itchy sensation, especially when the wound starts on young skin. . In addition, many studies also believe that chicken can cause inflammation, forming unsightly keloids. Therefore, after removing the mole, you should abstain from eating chicken for about a month or it is best to abstain from this food until the wound has healed. Read more: Compare the nutritional value of pork with chicken – Mole removal abstain from what? – Abstain from beef Similar to chicken, beef is an incredibly healthy food. In particular, for those who exercise or regularly exercise vigorously, beef is a food not to be missed because it is a valuable source of nutrients, rich in protein to help the muscles quickly recover after training. and promote strength. However, this is a food that should be avoided for those with open wounds after surgery like new mole removal. Due to the high protein content, regular consumption of beef stimulates cells in the wound area to grow, overgrow and create keloids. In addition, eating beef can also make the skin of the wound darker than the surrounding area, creating an uneven skin tone. Therefore, after removing the mole, you should also stop eating beef if you do not want the ugly scars. – Can mole removal eat fish? Removing moles is not a question of many people because fish and fish dishes are popular and very delicious food. However, not only fish but other fishy foods are on the list to abstain from those who have just removed the mole. Fish, shrimp, crabs, crabs, and other seafood can make the area of ​​the wound itchy, cause inflammation, and they can even lead to the formation of dark scars. Therefore, if you do not want to leave scars after removing the mole, you should stay away from fish as well as seafood. Fish is a food that should be avoided after mole removal – Internet photo. Eggs Eggs and egg dishes regularly appear on the menu of families because it is an excellent source of nutrients for the body. However, as with beef, chicken and seafood, after moles removal, you need to stay away from eggs from your daily menu. This is because eggs can cause the skin of the wound to appear uneven color, in particular it will be abnormally whiter than the surrounding skin. Even eggs can also create white spots similar to tinea versicolor, causing loss of aesthetics, especially for the face. So, this is a food to avoid after removing moles. – Spinach Water spinach is a familiar dish in the daily menu of many families. For people with normal health, without open wounds, water spinach is a rich source of fiber and many essential nutrients for the body. But after removing moles, this is something you should avoid. Water spinach has the ability to stimulate, increase collagen strongly to heal wounds, thereby easily creating excess skin. But the excess skin is continuously extruded to create keloid scars. Therefore, if you do not want to get keloids, after removing moles, you should remove water spinach from the daily diet. Improper eating puts the body in danger because of the harmful effects of water spinach – Sticky rice and sticky dishes The delicious and soft flavor of sticky rice, banh chung, cake … conquers the taste of many people. However, after removing moles, you should not consume them. According to studies, sticky rice is a hot food. When eating sticky rice and dishes from sticky rice, the wound will be difficult to heal, phenomenon such as pus, inflammation, long time may leave unsightly scars. Do not eat sticky rice after removing moles – Internet photo. 3. How often does the mole burn go away? One issue that women are most concerned about after mole removal is how long does it take to cure the mole? According to many experts, how long to remove a mole depends on many factors, including 3 main factors: Mole condition. – Mole removal method. – Skin care measures after removing moles. Specifically, for the cases of pale moles, small in size, the wound will completely heal about 3 – 7 days. In cases of large, dark moles, the healing time will be longer, usually it will take 7-10 days. How long it takes to remove a mole depends on the method of bleaching, which means that the more modern and modern the method, the shorter the wound healing time. In the case of applying old methods such as burning, filling, cutting, … it will take 10 days or more to heal. Also perform laser mole removal, the wound healing time is only 5-7 days. Besides the condition of the mole as well as the method of mole removal, the time it takes to heal usually depends on the skin care after treatment. If you follow the instructions of the expert properly and sufficiently, the wound will recover faster and vice versa, if you do not pay attention to the skin care process after mole removal, the wound will not only heal long but also. can become infected, infect and leave ugly scars behind. Above is the answer to the question of what abstinence mole removal is and how long it takes to heal when removing moles. Hopefully the information in this article will help you safely and quickly remove the unsightly moles without leaving scars.