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HUAWEI WATCH 3: Leading the trend of smart watch design and redefining wrist fashion


Watches are born because of time and flourish because of time. After more than two hundred years of precipitation and innovation, it has developed into two major forms of traditional watches and smart watches. Traditional watches are exquisite in craftsmanship, exquisite materials, and elegant in taste; smart watches experience wisdom, minimalist design, and interactive humanity. How to find the balance of aesthetic design between the two and the perfect integration of each other’s advantages is a test of the designer’s deep insight into the market and the ultimate control over the product.

HUAWEI WATCH 3 not only integrates the design of smart watches, it uses a large curvature 3D glass screen, a warm and skin-friendly ceramic back shell, a lightweight and stable titanium body, a 3D rotating crown with tactile feedback, and a watch with novel styles and diverse materials. Belt; and brings together the industry’s outstanding and experienced watch polishers, using superb hand-grinding technology to achieve mirror-level hand-polishing, so as to have the exquisiteness and high-level sense comparable to traditional hand-made high-end watches.

The ultimate trendy aesthetics defines fashion on the wrist

The watch, known as the elf on the wrist, shows a person’s fashion taste. The use of large-curvature 3D glass makes the HUAWEI WATCH 3 screen more transparent and smart. After 15,000 seconds of precision polishing and AF nano vacuum coating, it presents a smooth and round look, and is scratch-resistant and fingerprint-resistant, achieving a new vision and touch. height. The 316L stainless steel case is cold forged and hardened PVD coating process, which can resist daily small abrasion and sweat corrosion. In order to reduce the load on the wrist, the HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro version of the watch body is made of aviation-grade titanium material, and then exquisitely hand-satin polished, it feels light and not easy to be corroded, and it is not afraid of being washed by the years.

When making smart watches, Huawei has always been the same. The ceramic back shell reveals Huawei’s ingenuity at a glance to consumers. Nano-grade zirconia ceramic powder goes through 42 processes, including precision polishing after sintering at a high temperature of over 1400°C, and then grinding and molding together with the sapphire crystal lens. It is warm and skin-friendly, and heart rate monitoring is more accurate.

The 3D rotating crown is engraved with fine tooth patterns, which is not only a model of craftsmanship, but also brings high-precision finger movement recognition. With the first use of tactile feedback, it can be accurate whether it is zooming in or zooming out, sliding the interface, or adjusting the value. The texture greatly enhances the convenient experience of intelligent control.

Variety of watchband styles, with trends on the wrist

The strap is not only used to fix the watch body between the wrists, but the increasingly diversified materials and colors make it an important part of decoration. In different scenarios, with different straps, you can show your unique taste, temperament and identity, as well as reveal your personality and mood of the day. At the same time, as the main component of the smart watch, the strap is in direct contact with the wearer’s skin to ensure that it is comfortable, safe and beautiful to wear, and it must be durable.

This time, the HUAWEI WATCH 3 series launched a total of 6 new products. HUAWEI WATCH 3 is a vigorous model, equipped with a fluorine rubber strap; a fashionable model, equipped with a brown leather strap and a nylon braided strap; and an exclusive model, equipped with a stainless steel metal strap. HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro is a fashionable model, equipped with a brown leather strap; the exclusive model, equipped with a titanium strap.

For fashionistas, the fluorine rubber straps with changeable colors and water and sweat resistance can adapt to different scenarios. They can not only attend the dinner party calmly and elegantly, but also can exercise and sweat in the gym. It is the best choice for trendy people in multifaceted life. The new simple style fluorine rubber strap has compactness and excellent texture, skin-friendly, anti-allergic, comfortable and soft, tough and durable. Compared with silicone rubber, fluorine rubber is more skin-friendly. At the same time, a variety of popular colors can be formulated, neutral and versatile, and both men, women and children can find their favorite colors. Moreover, the fluorine rubber strap is resistant to water and sweat, and there is no pressure to wear it when swimming or running. The first impression of leather straps is elegance. The leather strap of the HUAWEI WATCH 3 series is made of calfskin, with exquisite and natural natural texture, showing low-key and luxury. The soft and comfortable wearing feel makes it smoother and more delicate in contact with the skin, bringing skin satisfaction. In addition, the addition of excellent handwork ensures the good texture and durability of the finished product. The nylon strap is a new friend brought by the HUAWEI WATCH 3 series. It is finely woven from multi-color nylon. The color is fresh. The special loop structure provides cushioning and can realize the free adjustment of the length of the strap. It is more breathable and has no feeling of wearing. Sex; the nano-antibacterial ingredients added to the nylon woven watchband can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and reduce the peculiar smell of the watchband. Especially worth mentioning are the two novel metal chain straps, which are refreshing. If you want a smart watch to look business, then a metal chain strap is definitely the best choice. Stainless steel and titanium watchbands have gone through nearly 300 processes, with complex structures and precise designs. There are buttons on the back of the strap, which can be removed with one touch, and can be replaced and adjusted without tools. Everything becomes extremely simple. The metal chain strap also has Huawei’s patented invisible butterfly buckle. The butterfly buckle is integrated with the metal strap. There is no protrusion on the buckle. It fits perfectly with the arm and is smooth and smooth. It is extremely comfortable to wear. The butterfly buckle sticks. The degree of conformity is also one of the important criteria for judging the craftsmanship and service life of the strap. If you have a more unique aesthetic and a more individual pursuit of materials and colors, there are also many optional straps on the market at the same time. The rich combination can meet the diversified personality choices, change it at will, and change in many aspects. HUAWEI WATCH 3 perfectly balances the exquisite craftsmanship of traditional watches and the minimalist appearance of smart watches, and constantly innovates in design, explores the design boundaries of smart watches, and leads the current aesthetic trend of smart watches. A smart watch that is truly at the forefront of fashion and trends comes in genuine styles