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Interesting street food in Hanoi in 1991-1992


The restaurant with rare beef noodle soup, the uncle with the fan on skewers, the boy selling ice cream on the lakeside… are a series of lifelong photos of the rich world of Hanoi sidewalk cuisine in 1991-1993, by German photographer Hans Peter-Grumpe noted.

A pub in Hanoi in 1991. “This place has fresh pig’s blood eaten with chopped intestines, herbs and peanuts for breakfast,” said photographer Hans-Peter Grumpe. Photo: Hans-Peter Grumpe / Hpgrumpe.de. Morning noodle shop on the sidewalk of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, 1992. A crowded restaurant in Dong Xuan market area, 1992. Uncle fan skewered on the sidewalk of the old town, next to the sign “Bii Hoi 1,600 VND”. Outside a restaurant “rarely cooked beef noodle soup”, 1993. A bowl of beef noodle soup in Hanoi at this time costs about 2,000 VND. Bustling scene in an evening beer hall. A boy selling fried doughnuts on the banks of Hoan Kiem Lake, 1991. This boy wearing a bread basket walks around the lake in search of diners, 1992. An ice cream shop with a styrofoam container on a bicycle, 1992. The box is covered with an Anlaco fertilizer sack. Street vendors in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, 1991. Dried ca cuong is hung in front of a shop selling ca cuong at 17 Cha Ca street. Ca cuong essence is used to make fish sauce, 1992. Cyclo carrying beef bones, materials used to cook pho, 1992. Invite readers to watch the video: Old Hanoi Girls’ School | VTV24.