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Korean girl molting by 30 kg


Thanks to high intensity gym work as well as adopting a reasonable diet, Seo Yu Jin successfully reduced from 85 kg to 55 kg to have a slim body.

Seo Yu Jin (living in Seoul, Korea) used to weigh 85 kg due to his habit of eating at night, consuming fast food, especially in college. Due to uncontrolled weight gain from Yu Jin, her brother did not even recognize her when he returned after a few years studying abroad. Not only at risk of diabetes, Yu Jin is hospitalized because of frequent ruptured leg ligaments and severe headaches.

When realizing his deteriorating health and lack of confidence, Yu Jin was determined to lose weight. Thanks to the perseverance in the gym with high intensity and the application of a reasonable diet, she lost 30 kg to weigh 55 kg. With a height of 1.73 m and a slim body after weight loss, many commented that Yu Jin transformed into a hot girl.

“In the past, I often had headaches, stomachaches and colds. After losing weight, these diseases all go away. My confidence also increased a lot. I no longer have to hide my body behind 2XL baggy clothes and converse with everyone confidently. Now I can wear small size clothes, pretty skirts. It is a great happiness so I work harder and harder, ”Seo Yu Jin shared with Kakao news site.

To lose weight quickly, Yu Jin practices CrossFit, which focuses on tabata to help burn more calories. Specifically, she does tabata for about 40 minutes combined with 20 minutes of muscle relaxation about 4 times / week. In addition, Yu Jin exercises more weights as well as cycling and jogging. She patiently studied little by little to gradually adapt to her body before increasing its intensity.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Yu Jin did gym at home to ensure safety. She focuses on strength exercises, without tools.

During the weight loss process, Yu Jin also adheres to a reasonable diet. At the time of weight gain, she eats a lot of chicken breasts, fish, and tofu. Normally, she is not too strict with food. “Before, when I finished dieting, I ate a lot and didn’t exercise. Now, I try to have a healthy diet combined with exercise.

When asked for his opinion on a healthy lifestyle, Yu Jin shared, “I think it’s about trying to give me a healthy body and mind. Even when it is not perfect, do not stop striving little by little ”.

On his personal page with nearly 70,000 followers, Yu Jin regularly shares diet and exercise tips to inspire people to lose weight in a healthy way.