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Korean weightlifting ‘fairy’ shows off a very simple 10kg weight loss secret


Lee Sung Kyung once revealed that she eats a lot, trying to limit herself too much can lead to letting herself eat until she is full, so she has her own secret to losing weight.

Korean actress Lee Sung Kyung is a model, with a sweet face and a well-proportioned body, especially long legs, she really makes many people jealous. Famous at home and abroad thanks to the movie “Weightlifting Lady Kim Bok Joo”, since then Lee Sung Kyung has been affectionately called “Weightlifting Fairy” by fans. After the drama ended for half a year, Lee Sung Kyung quickly lost 10kg but the actress did not rely on a strict diet like other actresses, even eating three meals a day including meals. dark. Lee Sung Kyung has 5 weight loss secrets and her menu is spreading widely on Korean websites, let’s find out together. 1. Fresh food replaces processed food: Lee Sung Kyung once revealed that she eats a lot, if trying to limit it too much, it can lead to letting herself eat to uncontrollably full. So even during the weight loss phase, she still eats all 3 meals a day. However, she will try to avoid processed foods and choose to eat fresh foods. In addition, the actress also avoids eating spicy food to reduce the burden on the body. 2. Eat slowly: Not only meticulous food selection, eating speed is also important, Lee Sung Kyung once said that she eats slowly, because each piece of food she chews at least 10 or 20 times. According to Lee Sung Kyung, when chewing slowly, you will feel fuller. Avoid drinking too quickly and eating too much. 3. Lee Sung Kyung’s weight loss menu went viral on the Korean Internet and many girls rushed to learn. For breakfast, Lee Sung Kyung eats a lot of protein such as milk, boiled eggs, tofu … to increase satiety, combined with fresh vegetables such as avocado, apple, salad. If still hungry, Lee Sung Kyung will eat more whole-wheat toast for good health thanks to high-quality starch. Lunch will be richer, because it is the main meal, so Lee Sung Kyung often eats steak to increase protein, because eating full, can also reduce the amount of starch. The dinner portion is relatively light, will try to avoid a lot of starch, often Lee Sung Kyung eats boiled chicken breast, steak without sauce, green vegetables. 4. Unsweetened yogurt: If you want to have dinner before going to bed or when you want a snack, eat unsweetened yogurt or unsweetened cereal, will not leave your stomach empty, even cereal biscuits will do, just Remember to choose the sugar-free type and you’re done. 5. Regular exercise to tone the body: In addition to diet efforts, Lee Sung Kyung also recommends appropriate exercises. She will do heavy exercises 2-3 times a week to work out different muscles to help her body have a clearer and more beautiful body. Remarkable weight loss achievements of many Vietnamese beauties