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Level 4 houses are only painted white and use damaged wood to cause ‘fever’


Using only white paint color combined with furniture from recycled wood, the level 4 house in the article still makes viewers constantly admiring.

A recently completed 4-level house in Trancoso (Bahia, Brazil) is receiving praise from many people on Archi Daily for its simple, rustic design, which is extremely beautiful and functional. The whole house uses only white paint, the highlight comes from the tile roof and wooden trusses. The bedroom has large windows for light and air circulation, white sheets and curtains give it a sophisticated feel, while the deep brown color of the recycled wood panels is somewhat rotten (which has been treated to make safety) from the bed, wardrobe to give people a warm, rustic. In the kitchen, the dining table is placed between the wash counter and the cooking table to optimize space. The table is paved with polished granite, while the two side counters are made of asphalt coated concrete. The cups and cups in the house are mostly ceramic to “fit in” with the simple and old look of the house. The toilet has a small window for air circulation and is fitted with a bronze mirror to add to the antique look, the hand basin makes use of a log hewn like a boat, the baskets are made of woven bamboo. The house is located in the middle of a green garden. Outside there is also a small swimming pool for homeowners to “cool off” on hot summer days. In the house, many seats are arranged in areas near trees for people to mingle with nature and rest after hours of tiring work. Compared to the modern house design next door, the level 4 house looks quiet and natural rustic. Design drawings of the house.