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Many motorbikes entering the highway on Thang Long Boulevard were handled


Although they know about the regulation banning motorbikes from entering the highway on Thang Long Boulevard, many people, for reasons of hurry and fear of traffic jams, still deliberately drive motorbikes into the forbidden road.

In recent days, the traffic police team number 11, the City Police. Hanoi constantly deploys troops, especially at peak hours to separate traffic, guide, as well as handle cases of motorbike drivers entering Thang Long Boulevard. According to the reporter’s actual record, the above violation is very common in the early morning rush hours and late afternoon rush hours. Notably, when asked, violators all said they knew about the above ban. However, because of hurry, forgetting, fear of traffic jam…so “missed” to go in. “I came home from the inner city of Hanoi in Thach That, when I turned onto Thang Long Boulevard, the road for motorbikes was blocked, so I went into the car lane. I knew this was a forbidden road, but I was afraid of traffic so I went in the wrong lane. With full vehicle papers, I was fined 2.5 million VND and temporarily seized the vehicle”, said Ms. expressed regret. Similar to the case of Mr. H. (Thach That’s family) said, this is the first time he entered the forbidden road, the reason was also because the lane for motorbikes was blocked. “I was fined 2.5 million dong and impounded the car. In the next few days, I am thinking of borrowing a motorbike to go to work, I am very sorry for the violation, “said Mr. H. All violators will be recorded, and vehicles will be impounded. When motorbikes and rudimentary vehicles enter the lane for cars, there is still a lot of potential for accidents, because the speed of travel for cars is very large. In fact, there have been many serious traffic accidents that occurred when motorbikes went to the wrong part of the road on this boulevard. Talking to PV, Senior Lieutenant Dinh Ngoc Hai (Traffic Team No. 11, Traffic Police Division of Hanoi City) said that the unit has continuously launched propaganda, rectified and handled violations. In the process of handling, the majority of vehicle drivers obey the orders of the traffic police, but there are also people who do not obey, ready to turn the vehicle, speeding and recklessly overtaking to avoid the task force potentially dangerous traffic. It is known that the above violation will be administratively sanctioned from 2 to 3 million VND, stripped of driving license for 4 months and temporarily impounded the vehicle for 7 days. Therefore, to ensure the safety of road users, it is necessary to consciously obey the regulations.