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Original breakfast in Guangdong, Henan, Hubei, Sichuan and other places, what can you eat for 10 yuan? Can you be full?


China’s food culture is extensive and profound and has a long history. It has a history of more than 5,000 years. As the saying goes: “Food is the heaven for the people.” Breakfast is an indispensable meal in a day. The first thing that comes to our minds may be white porridge, Soy milk, fried dough sticks, steamed buns, buns… However, China is so big, with different regions, different cultures, and different customs. Almost every place has its own unique breakfast culture. Let’s take a look at Guangdong, Henan, Sichuan, and Hubei with the editor below. What can you eat for 10 yuan per capita? Can you be full?

1. Cantonese breakfast

To say which place in our country values ​​breakfast most, it must be a Cantonese! Cantonese people eat breakfast and call it “drinking morning tea.” There are so many varieties of morning tea that you can’t imagine. This is simply unmatched by other places. All kinds of porridge, rice noodles, wontons, and all kinds of snacks, like shrimps. The prices of dumplings, rice rolls, chicken feet, siu mai, barbecued pork buns, etc. are also very different, ranging from a few yuan to a few dozen yuan. If your breakfast standard is less than 10 yuan, you may not be full. I guess you can only choose to eat rice rolls.

Cheong Fun is a kind of breakfast made with rice milk. It is the king of local teahouses, breakfast shops, and night markets. It is one of the classic king delicacies loved by the public because of its low price and deliciousness. It is as white as snow and thin as paper. It can also be matched with ingredients at will. It has a rich and delicious taste. Among them, egg roll rolls, beef roll rolls and shrimp roll rolls are the most popular. Add sesame, sweet sauce and spicy sauce to taste. Smooth and delicious. With a cup of fragrant soy milk, it can basically satisfy ordinary people’s breakfast.

2. Henan breakfast

In Henan, almost every breakfast shop has hot and spicy soup. As the name suggests, hot and spicy soup is a local breakfast feature. Locals inevitably come to a bowl of hot spicy soup every morning. The price of a bowl of hot and spicy soup is about 5 yuan. Generally, beef soup is used as the base soup, and yuba, fungus, daylily, peanuts, gluten and other auxiliary materials are added. It tastes spicy and delicious, and the whole body is warm. Although the appearance of this spicy soup is a bit unbearable, the taste is superb. In addition, Henanese also have cold skin, braised noodles, twists and so on for breakfast.

The method of Hu spicy soup in different places is also different, the most common is beef and spicy soup. Of course, only a bowl of hot and spicy soup is not enough. It needs to be paired with staple foods such as deep-fried dough sticks, scallion pancakes, Guokui, and fried buns. This is only about ten yuan, and you can eat very comfortably.

3. Sichuan breakfast

Everyone knows that Sichuan people love to eat spicy food, and all kinds of food there are mainly spicy. All kinds of rice noodles, noodles, and souvenirs are inseparable from chili, and among the three, the souvenirs are mainly used. . In fact, it is an enlarged version of wontons. The wontons from other provinces will be smaller, but the taste is still the same. The meat filling is tender and delicious, and the soup is thick and spicy. The price is about 8 yuan, and the portion is quite sufficient. Eating a bowl in the morning is quite comfortable.

There are a total of 3 flavors for you to choose from. In the morning, eat a bowl of hand-wrapped chaoshou, which is thin and tender, hot and spicy, and wakes up a good day. But for outsiders, eating greasy and spicy food early in the morning should be very uncomfortable.

4. Hubei breakfast

In Hubei, eating breakfast is called “premature”, and there are many choices for breakfast. The more well-known ones include hot dry noodles, tofu skin, noodle nests, fried buns, etc. The most popular “premature food” is not hot dry Noodles are none other than. Regan noodles is one of the top ten noodles in China. The fragrant noodles are matched with the scent of sesame sauce and the sauce is blended. The color is yellow and oily, and the taste is delicious and appealing to the appetite. Due to its high calorie content, it is suitable for breakfast and helps the body to replenish energy as quickly as possible.

You can see breakfast shops everywhere in Wuhan, and each breakfast shop mainly sells hot dry noodles, and the sauces prepared by each store are different. Although hot dry noodles are delicious, it will be a little dry if you eat them alone. At this time, a bowl of egg tea is more suitable.

Having said so much about breakfast, you must be hungry, right? Which city do you like best for breakfast? Welcome to share in the comment area. Breakfast is also a source of energy for the day. I hope everyone can eat breakfast every day!