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Original Vietnamese “No. 1 Beauty” Nguyen, shortlisted for Miss World TP10, elegant and refined temperament, a little fairy


Beauty is the ultimate goal pursued by many women, and the standard of beauty includes not only superb looks, but also a graceful figure. It is best to add an elegant temperament. It is really perfect. We all know that the harder we work, the luckier we are. This sentence is also applicable to fitness and shaping. The harder the person who exercises, the better her body will be. At the same time, regular work and rest also help her metabolize toxins in the body, making her face more beautiful and fairer. , So, if you can persist in fitness, then beauty will get closer and closer to you.

Today, let’s think of a temperamental beauty who is popular in Southeast Asia and a practitioner of fitness exercises—NguyenTran Huyen My. She was once called “the No. 1 beauty in Vietnam” by fans who love her. You may think it is a bit exaggerated, but when After you read her resume, you will feel that everything is worthy of the name! From Hanoi, Vietnam, she has outstanding temperament since she was a child. The height of 176cm makes her tall and temperament. She is sweet and graceful. She is a treasure girl in the eyes of fans.

She is the first place in the domestic beauty pageant in Vietnam. She was also shortlisted for the 2017 Miss Grande Universe TP10. She has excellent looks and talents. Since NguyenTran Huyen My has achieved certain achievements, her advertisements and film appointments have been continuous. Sometimes I will be invited to a talk show to talk about fashion and aesthetics. Behind the strong spotlight, it is actually NguyenTran Huyen My who has always paid in obscurity.

In fact, modeling work is not as glamorous as it seems on the surface. It requires effort and effort. Take NguyenTran Huyen My’s own experience. Maintaining the body is the basic quality of a good model, so she has stepped into this industry on her own. Since then, I have never eaten my favorite ice cream, chocolate, etc., and whether it is training or diet, NguyenTran Huyen My strives to be the best, low-calorie whole grains, nutritious oats, even foods that are difficult to swallow, as long as they are good for shaping the body. She is always willing to help.

This hard work and perseverance has created the success of NguyenTran Huyen My today. Every self-disciplined person has his own plan, ranging from a whole life to a small one-day arrangement. NguyenTran Huyen My makes his daily fitness plan specific to points. Seconds, fat loss training, strength training, balance improvement training, etc., she has maintained low body fat for a long time during the exercise, so you can see her clear vest line and tight peach buttocks.

Fitness shaping has never been an easy task. During exercise, we can maintain a high level of body metabolism, which can prevent fat accumulation, and at the same time improve the curve of muscles, make the body more graceful and beautiful, so share it today. Set of precise strength training exercises, I hope everyone can develop their ideal body.

The first exercise dumbbell squat to rotary press

How to practice dumbbell squat to rotary press:

Stand naturally on the mat, with your feet apart and shoulder-width apart, and hold the dumbbells in your hands. The specific weight depends on your personal situation. When you exhale, squat your legs and hips, and the dumbbells are flush with your shoulders. When inhaling, choose the right and upward legs, lift the dumbbells above your head with both hands, and stretch toward the sky; when you exhale, keep squatting down, and then inhale to the left and up, and hold for 12-20 breaths. ; Do 3 sets, 12-20 times in each set.The second action squat back stretch pose

How to do a squat back stretch pose:

Standing on the mat naturally, back extension is a more relaxed posture, flexible waist, abdomen and back, stretch arm muscles and joints; when exhaling, the hips bend back and down slightly, the back stretches diagonally forward, arms Swing toward the top of the head at the same time, and return to the back of the body when inhaling; insist on 20 uniform breaths, feel the stretch of the waist, abdomen, buttocks, and arm muscles; do 4 groups, each with 20.Dog-like flow in the third action

How to do a good down dog flow:

The plank is supported on the mat surface, the arms and toes are strongly supported. We are ready to carry out the downward dog-like variant flow to exercise the strength of the waist and abdomen; when exhaling, prop up the body with both hands backwards and upwards, and the buttocks will move toward the sky. Lift up, match the feet with the soles of the feet and step firmly to achieve the rhythm of the body; do 4 sets, 12 reps in each set.The fourth action hip bridge training

How to do a good hip bridge training:

Lie on your back on the cushion surface, feel the body deeply relax, start the stretch exercise of the hip bridge, adjust the breathing rate; rely on the cushion surface on your back and shoulders, keep your arms close to the ground, keep your knees bent, and push your hips upwards when you exhale , Fall slowly when inhaling; do 4 sets of 12-16 in each set. After each action is completed, we can take a 30S-60S rest, relax the muscles and joints, and adjust the physical state. You will feel comfortable and the whole person will become very light. The key to fitness and shaping is persistence and grasp. Now, get out of your own life path.