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Remove wrinkles around the eyes thanks to the Japanese 1-minute massage exercise


Shiatsu is a simple massage exercise that you can do yourself at home. It helps you to remove wrinkles on the outside and improve overall health on the inside.
Shiatsu roughly translates to ‘finger pressure’. This is a form of therapeutic massage that originated in 1900s in Japan that specializes in the use of manipulation, pressing, tapping, stretching and soothing techniques.

Its mechanism of action is to use the fingers, thumbs and palms to put pressure on different areas of the body, thereby improving health, the person receiving treatment will be happier. Shiatsu massage can be applied when you want to relieve stress and anxiety, relieve muscle and joint pain, eliminate fatigue, insomnia or conditions like sciatica, arthritis and sinusitis. Shiatsu has the ability to affect and regulate the flow of air throughout our body, helping us to feel healthy and comfortable. Shiatsu therapists will help us to correct imbalances that cause fatigue in the body. 1. How to remove crow’s feet? Crow’s feet are small wrinkles at the corners of the eyes, they appear due to the effects of ultraviolet rays and aging over time. To get rid of these annoying wrinkles, place your index finger on the outer corner of your eye, warming that area a little. Movement instructions: Press your finger down, then release. You can also pull the muscle toward your temples, but don’t release your fingers from that area. Time and number of repetitions: Repeat this movement 3 times in 3 seconds for both sides. 2. How to remove wrinkles under eyes? The skin under the eyes is very thin, so it is easy to sag and create wrinkles. Shiatsu can help us rejuvenate this area and make the skin look a lot tighter. All you need to do is place your index, middle, and ring fingers on the bone just below each eye. Instructions for movement: Lightly press on the 3 points above. Time and reps: Hold your finger there for 10 seconds, then release. Repeat the exercise twice. 3. How to remove eye bags? Puffy eyes make our face look heavy, tired, old. If you want to apply shiatsu to get rid of puffiness, you need to place your index finger on the corner of your eye. Then you make movements according to the eye contour as shown. Movement instructions: Perform eye contour massage with fingers. Then gently press on the two points at the corner of the eye and the corner of the eye. Time and number of repetitions: Do all these steps 3 times, 3 seconds each time. 4. Benefits in the eyebrow area To remove wrinkles between the eyebrows, you need to put your index finger, middle finger and ring finger on the 3 dots as shown. Press that spot for 5 to 7 seconds, then repeat again. If your brows are sagging, Shiatsu can help restore them to give your appearance a more youthful appearance. You should place your index, middle and ring fingers on the points in the illustration. Then, gently press, putting some pressure on the eyebrows for 7 seconds.