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Runner-up Phuong Anh is beautiful and dreamy in the new year photo set


The beauty and charisma of runner-up Phuong Anh in a new set of photos to celebrate the new age makes fans predict that this beauty will make a story at the Miss International 2021 contest.

Representing the beauty of knowledge, Pham Ngoc Phuong Anh was widely supported by the public when she was crowned the runner-up at the Miss Vietnam 2020 contest. During the past time, she has left many remarkable marks. remembered by her beautiful beauty and outstanding academic achievements. Most recently, the queen continued to cause a fever with a new set of photos, marking a milestone when she turned 23. Not only that, the official fanpage of the Miss International contest also posted a congratulatory photo for the representative from Vietnam. Male. The set of photos made people pay attention to the clear beauty of the girl born in 1998. Owning a height of 1m77, Phuong Anh dropped a professional figure through each photo shoot. She wishes to bring diverse images to the audience, both elegant and mature but equally gentle and feminine. The beauty cleverly chooses the latest designs of designer Chau Pham with bright colors. The inspiration of these outfits comes from the closest things in beautiful nature such as the clear blue clouds in the sky, the quiet garden with blooming flowers or the trees whispering in the wind for a while. cool summer afternoon. High-quality silk materials, crystal stones, beads … are meticulously attached or a series of 100% hand-embroidered motifs bring elegance and class. Phuong Anh shows off her brilliant beauty at a new age in dreamy dresses, as if suggesting a bright and brilliant future ahead. She shows off her trendy aura, each professional pose in harmony with each outfit, sometimes the charm of the piercing, the gentleness of the pleated lines in the skirt, sometimes regal like a queen with feathers. , perfect attachment according to the body language of the queen. The queen made an impression because she had been to more than 20 countries around the world before. As an experience enthusiast, Phuong Anh said that this year was also the first year she welcomed the new age at home due to the impact of the epidemic. An interesting thing is that she often goes on a trip with her family around this time every year and especially coincides with her birthday. The runner-up shared: “This year, Phuong Anh had to break the tradition of traveling every birthday to comply with social distancing regulations as well as to protect the health of herself and the community. This is also the time for Phuong Anh to look back on her journey over the past year with very special milestones. Now, as she prepares to turn a new age, Phuong Anh just wants to wish for one thing, that the epidemic will be quickly repelled. That not only gives Phuong Anh the opportunity to travel and do what she likes, but also helps us all get back to normal life.” Not only beautiful, Phuong Anh is also favored with the title of “good runner-up” with “terrible” academic ability, reaching an English level of IELTS 8.0 and fluent in French and Japanese. Not long ago, she just graduated valedictorian in Information Management Systems at RMIT University with a score of 3.5/4. Currently, she is trying her hand at the MC field and intends to “encroach” into a TV editor career. On the occasion of her birthday, she made a photo series as well as a gift to the audience who have supported her during the past time. Not beyond the public’s expectations, Phuong Anh will officially wear Vietnamese sash to go to the Miss International 2021 contest in Japan. Full of talent, the queen is expected by many to be the name to honor the colors of Vietnam’s flags and colors in the international arena. Image: Huynh Tri Nghia