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Shell announces Zuo Hui as “Eternal Honorary Chairman” and Peng Yongdong as Chairman and CEO | Titanium News


Titanium Media News | May 24 News : After Zuo Hui passed away on May 20 due to a worsening condition, who will take over Zuo Hui’s management of shell house finding has become the focus of attention from the outside world. This evening, Shell Search announced that the company’s co-founder, CEO and executive director Peng Yongdong replaced Mr. Zuo Hui as the chairman of Shell, and appointed Shell’s chief operating officer, Mr. Xu Wangang, as the executive director of Shell. At the same time, Shell announced that Mr. Zuo Hui was the “eternal honorary chairman” of the company to commemorate his great contribution and precious spiritual heritage. At the same time, Shell’s announcement also revealed that, from now on, the audit committee of Shell House Search Company is composed of Ms. Chen Xiaohong (Chairman), Mr. Xu Wangang and Ms. Chen Yu; the company’s remuneration committee is composed of Ms. Chen Yu (Chairman), Mr. Peng Yongdong and Ms. Chen Xiaohong; The Company Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee consists of Mr. Dan Gang (Chairman), Ms. Chen Xiaohong and Ms. Chen Yu. The appointment of the chairman and management team of Shell Search Regarding Zuo Hui’s long and sudden death, Peng Yongdong said: “It is very sad that we have lost a founder who laid our business and mission, and the residential industry has lost a leader who has always been exploring and innovating.” Peng Yongdong believes that from the chain home to Shell, Zuo Hui has spent 20 years setting up road signs one after another for China’s housing transaction and residential service industry. These valuable legacy will guide the company to continue to move forward. At the same time, Zuo Hui’s beliefs and values ​​are deeply integrated into the company’s DNA, allowing the management team to be stable and orderly and the organization to grow and grow sustainably and healthily. “As the founder of Shell, in the past, Mr. Zuo Hui was the chairman of Shell; after today, Mr. Zuo Hui is the “forever honorary chairman” of Shell. In this way, we hope to always remember Mr. Zuo Hui and his spirit. I even hope that all shellers can walk on the slow and long snow road of the residential service industry with the spirit of doing the’difficult and right things’,” said Peng Yongdong. According to public information, Peng Yongdong graduated from Zhejiang University in 2001 with a major in electrical engineering. From 2006 to 2010, he served as a senior consultant for IBM strategy and change, providing strategic consulting services for China Mobile, China Telecom, and Lianjia. Judging from Peng Yongdong’s resume at Lianjia, he has been entrusted by Zuo Hui with important responsibilities, which can be said to be an important promoter of Lianjia’s development from a purely offline brand to an online platform. After joining Lianjia in 2010, Peng Yongdong founded the real estate service platform “Lianjia.com” in 2014 and served as the CEO. In 2017, he promoted an open strategy to promote the interconnection of the industry. In 2018, Peng Yongdong, as the co-founder, launched the technology-driven new residential digital service provider “Shell Finding Housing” and became the CEO. A year later, Peng Yongdong announced the creation of the industry’s first school to help store owners achieve professionalism-Huaqiao Academy and served as the principal, starting the professionalization of store owners. On August 13, 2020, Zuo Hui and Peng Yongdong led Shell to officially land on the New York Stock Exchange. Judging from Peng Yongdong’s historical speeches, Peng Yongdong and Zuo Hui’s strategic vision for the residential industry is very similar. In Peng Yongdong’s view, the essence of the residential service industry is the information service industry, behind the information is data, and behind the service are people. The service industry is an industry that relies on “people”. In terms of “people” standards, Peng Yongdong proposed to build new standards with professionalism. For example, Shell House is trained independently by recruiting college students, and with strict professional standards, professional division of labor and integrated services, a stable commission mechanism, and a professional environment conducive to cooperation, so that industry service providers can obtain professional growth and respect. and While affirming the value of the service provider and the digital value, Peng Yongdong, who is a technical background, has a deeper understanding of the digitalization of the industry. “I firmly believe that with the trust and support of consumers, employees, shareholders and partners, the Shell management team will unite and unswervingly complete the legacy of Mr. Zuo Hui, which is also our common mission:’Dignified Servants, better living’.” Peng Yongdong of Shell concluded. At present, although Zuo Hui’s death is a major loss to Shell, the management team he built for Shell has in-depth insights and practices for the residential industry Internet. Under the guidance and encouragement of the core business values ​​of Zuo Hui, the founder of Shell, the Shell management team has been working together for many years, working in a coordinated, stable and orderly manner along the way, continuously improving the basic service quality of the residential industry, and constantly creating long-term value. Shell’s latest financial report shows that Shell’s operating income in the first quarter of 2021 reached 20.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 190.7%, which exceeded Shell’s previous performance guidance ceiling and market consensus. (This article first published Titanium Media App, author|Gao Mengyang)