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Tammy Media: No IP, no brand, how to build your super IP?


In recent years, IP has become the most popular brand word, and it has been constantly mentioned. There is no IP, no brand. It has almost become a consensus of brand planners. How to build IP has also been included in the brand strategy of many companies.

Because in the era of full penetration of the Internet, the fragmentation of communication has caused the traditional marketing effect to drop sharply, and the flat and scattered channels have made the past channel play insufficient. The stratumization of the crowd requires brands to establish their own fan circle. These are incapable of the old brand image project.

If a brand can successfully establish its own IP culture, it can do more with less, because IP is particularly suitable for achieving stable value communication in fragmented communication and establishing emotional consensus, which are incapable of traditional brand image projects. In the future, it is very likely that IP will replace the work of brand image . Indeed, there are already some innovative companies that boldly use IP, but have achieved remarkable results, quickly making a difference in the field of traditional giants.

Many of the APP icons we use in our lives are animal cartoon images. For example, the QQ icon is a penguin, the Tuniu APP is a cute cartoon bull head, and Tmall is a cute cat. These signs are already deep. Printed in the hearts of consumers.

And the IP of Xiao Ming and Jiang Xiaobai is a playful cartoon character. These IP images have been personified in the minds of consumers. They exist in people’s lives like real people, as if they can be touched. Similarly, giving people warmth and fun is very attractive to consumers.

But really not every enterprise can do a good job of IP, only a few can succeed. Companies often rush to start image design, self-media, and toss content. They also like to follow the trend and imitate, and follow the hot spots, hoping to explode as soon as possible. The result is naturally not good. After that, you will feel that it is useless to do IP, and you will stop halfway through it. These situations are very common. In fact, we must understand, Brand companies are not content companies. The needs and goals of the two are completely different, and the resources they can master are also very different. When content companies do IP, cultural people take the lead in doing culture, while brand companies do IP because business people take the lead in adding value to culture. The genes of the two are very different. Therefore, unlike pure content IP, the IPization of a brand must receive continuous support from products, channels and commercial promotion in order to be successful. If you put aside these, you can count on content and self-media to explode, which is equivalent to a commercial enterprise becoming a content company or media. The genes are not right and it is not doing well. The best brand IP route is to combine the resources of commercial enterprises to carry out a reasonable combination of fast, medium and slow—— Open Baidu APP to see high-definition pictures An organization capable of building IP should have top-notch Design planning team, copywriting content team, media team, self-media team, business monetization team , To help individuals to create celebrity IP, enterprises to create IP for famous enterprises, and to create famous IP for products.by Personalization, social elements, media endorsement, celebrity effect, content output The whole network will be built in an all-round way, so that the IP of brand enterprises will complete the transformation from 0 to 1. The ultimate goal of IP creation is to realize the realization of traffic and to promote the realization of commercial value. For enterprises, creating brand IP is a choice that adapts to the times, and it is also a correct choice