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Thai beauties have a way to swoon with beautiful pink cheeks, don’t follow them, unfortunately


Not ashamed to be called ‘Thailand’s most beautiful ghost’, Mai Davika always knows how to make herself beautiful and young with tips on applying blush.

Thailand is one of the countries with an extremely developed tourism industry, so it is not surprising that the land of the Golden Temple gathers many beauties with quality hybrid blood. They are not only beautiful but also extremely talented and popular. Referring to hybrids in Thailand, the name Mai Davika cannot be ignored. She is the crystallization of two Thai and Belgian bloodlines with standard facial features. Mai Davika is also favored by the people with the nickname “Thailand’s most beautiful ghost” or “Son Tung’s muse” when she is the only beauty featured in the MV Run Right away. Looking at Mai’s personal page, you will still understand why she is so hot. 9X beauty is beautiful and shimmering. The makeup secret of the “ghost girl” is not too picky. She usually just applies a little more lipstick to sharpen her lines. But the best is definitely the blush. Cheeks are so important! The same expression, but the lack of rosy cheeks gave a completely different face color. Blush helps women look fresh and makes the face younger and more approachable. Although blushing is a fairly simple step of the makeup process, not everyone can be beautiful. If you are confused about how to start, then refer to Mai Davika’s super pretty cheeks below. Of course, for each facial skeleton, there will be a suitable way to fight, but try it, maybe beauty will be promoted a few steps. How to hit cute Recently, the trend of Thai makeup has been mixed with more features from Korean makeup. The sharpness of Thai girls is still there, but there will be more cute and gentle details from Korean girls. The way to brush the face to create a cute feature is to just brush a small circle in the middle of the cheek. Of course, you should also coordinate with dresses or gentle hairdos, a little baby will look better. Usually, whatever color lipstick is, the cheeks will also be that tone to avoid the face appearing too many confusing colors. This method is very easy and does not need to be too fussy, suitable for newbies to practice makeup. How to hit girly Another way that is often applied by many women in the daily makeup trend is the feminine cheek brush. This style is suitable for long, oval and small faces, not giving priority to square, angular faces. The way to do that is to use a brush to dot the blush palette, tap or lightly blow the brush head to remove the powder and then pat the cheekbones to create a feminine look. The face will be very harmonious and attractive when there is more rosy cheeks. How to play combo In the summer of 2021, the sister association again promotes a style that is a combination of femininity and cuteness for the style of banh beo and muse. The advantage of this stroke is to help the face look younger up to 5 years old. That is to brush the cheeks and add the nose part, also known as the “drunk” way of applying powder. You can combine round cheeks or feminine cheeks above and combine with a line of powder across the nose. Those who are passionate about more exotic styles can still apply this method when changing a bit of dark lipstick and painting more moles on their face or dotted with freckles around the nose and cheeks. How to play personality Here’s the recipe for her personality. Usually, women who like bold makeup often have to use contour to create volume for the temples and cheekbones, but of course, a little blush is also indispensable. This style is often slightly slanted above the temples for a sharp face. You will hit from the outside in instead of hitting from the inside out as usual. Do not forget to apply a little highlighter on the cheekbones to create an eye-catching highlight for the face.