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The original 6 shells defeated the Soviet fortress and required 4,000 people to fire. It was called the Big Mac of the artillery.


Speaking of industry, Germany’s industry occupies a leading position in the world, creating many advanced industrial products, and historically, it has a very bright industrial pearl, that is, the Gustav Cannon. After its debut, this weapon caused panic around the world. It weighed 1,344 tons, a 4-story building, 6 meters wide and 43 meters long, and required 4,000 people to launch. It was called the Big Mac among cannons. It can be seen from the appearance that it is powerful, and in actual combat, it also has a lot of feats. It only used 6 shells to defeat the Soviet fortress.

This fortress is not an ordinary fortress, it is Sevastopol, which is known as the strongest defensive fortress in the history of the Soviet Union. The site has a history of nearly a thousand years, and the past generations have strengthened and improved on the basis of the previous ones. A large amount of reinforced concrete has been poured on the surface, and the underground has also been filled with ammunition. The Soviet army believed that all weapons in the world could not destroy this fortress, but they did not expect to be easily destroyed by the German army, and the entire Sevastopol was instantly swallowed by fire. And it was the German super cannon that destroyed all of this.

In addition to attacking the Soviet Union, the German artillery also launched an offensive against Poland. One shell destroyed a fortress. At that time, the Polish military barracks were almost razed to the ground. The blow to the Polish army can be imagined. In the beginning, the gun was used against France. In order to prevent the German invasion, France spent 12 years to build the Maginot Line. The reinforced concrete was extremely strong. In order to break through the Maginot Line, the Führer ordered the construction of a projectile capable of penetrating 1 meter thick steel and 7 meters thick concrete. Subsequently, the Friedrich Krupp Arms Company built the largest in history as required. Giant cannon.

The huge size represents great power. The bore of the gun has a caliber of 800 mm, and the barrel is 30 meters long. It can accommodate two shells at a time and has a maximum range of 47 kilometers. The power of its shells is also amazing. It contains 2000 kilograms of explosives and can penetrate a concrete wall nearly 1 meter thick from 37 kilometers away. Because of its huge size, it needs to be disassembled and disassembled during transportation. It can fill up to 25 carriages. It is also very laborious during installation, requiring 300 engineers and soldiers to complete it together.

The base is hoisted with a crane, and then the parts are installed. The installation time takes three weeks. In order to prevent the enemy from discovering it, chemical soldiers are also equipped around. Smoke bombs are used to protect the cannon as soon as a bomber approaches. Do you think 300 engineers are too much? In fact, it is far from enough, at least 4000 people are required to control a gun. There are 1,000 people involved in manipulating the artillery, and the rest include engineering construction, artillery assembly, military blockade, logistics personnel, etc., reaching around 4,000 people in front and back.

It can be seen that the installation of the gun is not only time-consuming and laborious, and the price is not high. What’s more, the gun barrel needs to be replaced from time to time. If it fires less than 50 pieces, it needs to be replaced with a new one. This is also something that the giant artillery cannot avoid, but it still has to be admitted that it is full of power. With the defeat of Germany, this giant gun was blown up by the US army, and the “super monster” stayed in history forever.