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The original new blood pressure standard has been published, it is no longer 120/80, for reference, your blood pressure is not high


According to the latest survey results, there are more and more hypertensive patients in my country, with more than 300 million patients suffering from hypertension, and about 5 of them are hypertensive patients. Hypertension is a chronic disease, divided into genetic factors and acquired factors, generally improper eating habits and living habits.

A long time ago, people with high blood pressure were usually middle-aged and elderly people. From the latest data, it can be seen that people with high blood pressure are getting younger and younger.

Hypertension, if not controlled in time, can easily damage target organs, such as the heart, kidneys, and brain, and cause great harm to the human body. Earlier, our standard for judging whether blood pressure is normal was 120/80mmhg, but now due to differences in diet and age groups, the standard for judging blood pressure has also changed a lot.

New blood pressure standard:

Normal blood pressure value: 130/85mmhg;

Normal hypertension value: 130~139/85~89mmhg;

First-degree hypertension: 140~159/90~99mmhg;

Secondary hypertension: greater than or equal to 160/100mmhg;

High blood pressure, the body may have the following abnormalities, we must pay attention to

  1. Dizziness, nausea, headache;

  2. Weak limbs, always feel fatigued, and want to sleep;

  3. Chest tightness, poor breathing, out of breath;

  4. Pale face, decreased appetite, and unable to eat;

  5. Black eyes and weakened eyesight.