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The original Zhang Ruoyun is married and has a strong sense of youth. His outfit is simple and refreshing, and he looks like a big brother next door.


If you talk about clothing styles, there are really many kinds of them, whether they are popular or niche, they have all appeared in our lives, but we have to talk about it Classic timeless, It’s a very versatile style, that must be It’s not a simple style.
Especially in this era when all subtraction is advocating, the dress of less is more is more popular with everyone, but it is too complicated and not so full of eyeballs, which is to create a natural and comfortable state, showing Out of a beautiful temperament.
This style Don’t pick the crowd , Don’t pick gender , Sometimes when the boys are driving, they will have a unique temperament and look very unique in their clothes.
Although the simple style is not so stunning, it will look very plain at first glance, but it belongs to the kind Very attractive The type of style, one eye is plain, the second eye is stunning, and the third eye is unforgettable.
Many people like fancy outfits, thinking that they can create a sense of focus and will become a beautiful landscape, but sometimes, too fancy outfits will only make you look more pompous and not delicate.
So the simple style of dress will not only create some Freshness and refreshing feeling , But also give the wearer more Temperament and aura , It can be said to be quite textured.

So on weekdays, if you don’t know what to wear, you might as well wear some simple clothes, like Zhang Ruoyun’s, a windbreaker-white T+ casual pants, not so exquisite, but It’s very young. Gives the image of a sunny boy, and looks very temperamental in his clothes. Therefore, it can be said that even if Zhang Ruoyun is married, he has a strong sense of youth. The outfit is simple and refreshing. It really looks like a big brother next door and is more suitable. Most boys wear.

About simple style clothing choices

  • Coat: windbreaker

In all the jackets, the windbreaker has a strong sense of existence. It does not pick people, figures, or scenes. Even in the boring work life, the windbreaker can be managed properly, but it is not boring to wear. Generally speaking, the color of windbreaker is divided into two kinds: Classic color + popular color , The classic colors are: Earth color and green color , Popular colors are the endless popular colors that emerge every year. But if you want to say that all-matchers don’t pick people, they have to be earthy, for example Khaki It’s the classic among the classics, and it’s both handsome in clothes Angry and not picky , With the long version, it looks very chic.

  • Matching: white T-shirt + black pants

For collocation, the trench coat can be described as “universal” No matter what single product it is combined with, it will create a good-looking look. But if you are afraid of wearing too heavy, in fact, a T-shirt, especially a simple white T, can be worn, and it will not appear fancy visually, but can also create a refreshing feeling exclusively for boys and look Very accent. As for the lower body, just matching a pair of black trousers and small white shoes can set off the texture of the wear, which is refreshing and refreshing, which is very age-reducing.

How to create a simple style

  • The colors are simple and not fancy

If you want to match the simple style properly, the color cannot be ignored, but it should be noted that The color must not be too fancy. some Basic color, neutral color, or light color , Is a good choice, and the combination will not be too inconsistent, but if you want to say that the color is too saturated, it is recommended to match the basic color, so that it has a sense of focus and is also exquisite. However, large-area color contrast is not advisable, it looks fancy and cheap, but small-area embellishment is still OK, not boring and visual, and wearing bright.

  • Appropriate and natural

In addition, in the overall collocation, we must also do Simple, clean and generous , Don’t match them too exaggerated, so in general, windbreakers, shirts, T-shirts and trousers, etc., are all very good, combined together, they also look very textured. And if you wear it in your life, it can also highlight the male Elegant and chic feel , Looks very foreign, so through the wear, you can also see that Zhang Ruoyun 181 is not for nothing. Wearing a long trench coat is not only not bloated, but also a little more refreshing.

About simple style clothing to wear look

  • White jacket + dark blue trousers

Because of the blessing of the elements, the white jacket will not look monotonous and boring in wearing. It can also create fashion and texture. With the slim version, it can also set off the beauty of the figure and is also very stylish. With a small white high collar inside and dark blue trousers on the lower body, there is no choice in the overall color, and the depth is matched, and there is a sense of layering. The dress is not so monotonous, but more textured.

  • Black suit + suit pants

Speaking of black suits, although many people think it is monotonous, they have to say that boys wearing black suits are really handsome! Moreover, there is not much boring visually, on the contrary, it is more aura. Paired with a white printed T-shirt, the black and white match is also very classic. Choose a pair of black trousers for the lower body, which looks simple but transparent With a sense of high class and fashion, they are also neatly dressed.

  • Plaid shirt + ripped pants

The blue and white plaid shirt with a black background not only has some coolness visually, but also looks very fashionable in terms of wearing, and can also create some atmospheric and casual effects. Paired with a white T and black ripped trousers, it has the focus of fashion and is not so fancy to wear. It is very suitable for matching in daily life