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The original Zhang Zetian was photographed on the street. He was not a big star and covered his entire face. He was short and not pretty!


Zhang Zetian used to be a very pure female celebrity with the kind of campus temperament, but now it really doesn’t look good anymore. The whole person is so old and fast, and especially with age. The growth of it slowly became less pure than before. And now that he is being photographed on the street, the whole person has become that kind of very small appearance, not particularly beautiful, compared to before, now it is really a far cry.

Zhang Zetian wore a black short-sleeved dress and the matching skirt was also that kind of black, which would make him look very slim, but if he was photographed on the street, he would not be so beautiful.

It seems that the figure is too thin, and she is wearing this kind of black clothes, she will naturally look very thin, not as good-looking as before, maybe because the black clothes are inherently relatively thin. Look thin.

When she wears this kind of skirt, it is also the kind that is more feminine, and the whole person will look more mature. Now Zhang Zetian has slowly become a little more feminine. And the style of the clothes really changed more and more, and it was no longer that very pure.

A white vest with a striped trousers would be simpler. In fact, this kind of matching is quite good if you care about it, and it suits her former pure style. She is better suited to wear this kind of clothes Not suitable for mature ones.

If it is a plain face, the whole person will look a little more old-fashioned when you see it. After all, now that you are older, your face will also have a little wrinkle, which is not as good-looking as before. And it looks a lot simpler in this way. Wearing white clothes, her skin looks particularly black.

The white sleeveless clothes are paired with the black tights, which makes the whole person particularly sexy. Especially when she puts on such a pair of black tights, she will look very hot. This looks very curvaceous, and it looks very feminine.

Now Zhang Zetian really dresses himself up to the point of maturity, and the clothes he wears are more sexy. But, to be honest, her frame is a little too small, so sometimes she looks very old-fashioned, but when she gets a little fatter, the whole person will be more rounded and more beautiful.