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The secret to help Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza own a hot body


Possessing a sexy, toned body, the new Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza has worked hard to exercise and follow a strict diet.
Contest Finals Miss Universe 2020 officially closed on 5/17. The owner of the 69th Universe crown named the girl Andrea Meza – the representative from Mexico.

This is considered a very convincing result because right from the beginning of the season, this beauty has always been present in all beauty rankings and is considered a “serious” opponent than ever. The representative of Mexico was excellently crowned Miss Universe 2020. Andrea Meza has a beautiful face, height of 1m82 and a toned body. Currently, she works as a model, makeup artist and runs a computer software company. Following Miss Universe 2020’s personal page, it can be seen that in order to have a toned physique, with a standard 3-round measurement, Andrea has regularly practiced sports such as running, climbing, boxing, exercises. doing cardio to burn fat… She often changes exercises to keep herself from getting bored. To have the perfect sexy body as it is now, Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza has worked very hard to exercise. The new Miss Universe loves climbing mountains. As well as not afraid to experience adventure games. Boxing is also applied by Andrea Meza to lose weight. Besides practicing many sports, the new Miss Universe also follows a strict diet. On her personal page, the Mexican beauty often shares photos of herself in the kitchen preparing nutritious, healthy and high-protein dishes. Sometimes she also fasts to purify her body. In addition, drinks such as smoothies from a variety of fruits, watermelon, cucumber, kiwi, tomato, mango… are also added to her diet by Andrea. Miss Universe 2020 implements a diet to own a sexy, toned body. The owner loves to eat a lot of green vegetables, fruits and minimize starch.