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Tieu Vy wears a hot slit shirt, runner-up Phuong Nga shows off her flawless porcelain skin


MISS NEWSLETTER June 12: Miss Tieu Vy wore a deep slit shirt showing off her sexy bust, runner-up Phuong Nga showed off her flawless porcelain skin that made fans admire.

Stay at home to avoid the epidemic in the city days. When Ho Chi Minh City implemented the distance, Miss Tieu Vy worked hard to take photos to post on social networks and interact with fans. Miss Vietnam 2018 wears a crop-top shirt with extremely hot deep slits. She also attracts attention with her impressive makeup style and fancy side-tied hair. Runner-up Phuong Nga wears a soft pastel blue dress, showing off her sexy bare shoulders. Vietnam 2018 runner-up made fans admire with her flawless porcelain white skin. H’Hen Niê wears an elegant, stylized yellow-tone outfit when playing gameshow. The design helps the beauty to show off her long and attractive legs. Runner-up Phuong Anh attracts attention with an impressive and modern makeup style, different from the usual clear look. Miss Ngo Phuong Lan shows off her young beauty at the age of 34. Runner-up Thanh Tu shows off his son who has turned 2 years old. Runner-up Ngoc Thao remembers the days on the beach when TP. Ho Chi Minh City is implementing social distancing. HHVN 2020 skin beauty Phuong Quynh transforms into a lovely lady with a classic style outfit. Talented beauty Doan Hai My wears a dynamic and attractive two-piece shirt. At home to avoid the epidemic, runner-up Mau Thuy is still practicing hard and showing off her extremely hot body. Miss Khanh Van also practiced hard inside the isolation area.