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Gamer-only hotel in UAE


Powerful gaming PCs, dual monitors, and gamer-specific accessories are featured in the hotel rooms of visitors to the Middle Eastern country for the first time.

A hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), tried to find a way to cater to professional gamers by launching a selection of rooms specifically for them. Photo: The National News. Accordingly, a quality computer system with top-notch configuration, 2 curved screens and impressive gaming accessories will help visitors enhance their experience. This room is the perfect choice for those who love to play games. Photo: The National News. Regarding the interior, the interior of the room is delicately decorated with led lights, neon lights and slogans that inspire gamers. The atmosphere in the room will help video game enthusiasts immerse themselves in their interests. Photo: The National News. Basically, hotel rooms for gamers have the same layout as other rooms in the hotel. The only difference is that gaming furniture and computers replace mini-fridges and tea-making facilities. Photo: The National News. After enjoying the special in-room gaming space, guests can explore the outdoor views around the Rove hotel. You will be delighted to see the lavish beauty of Dubai city at the swimming pool near the sea. Photo: Marika_vialova, Maxtewanderlust. With full facilities in the lavish city of Dubai, the hotel strives to best serve all customers. However, according to the experience of The National News reporters, the disadvantage for gamers is that they should make sure the hotel computer has the game they play. In addition, users should carefully exit activities containing personal information before leaving the hotel. Photo: The National News. The Rove Hotel in Dubai has many facilities after growing into a chain. The advantage of this family-friendly hotel and group of friends is that the coordinates are located just a few minutes’ drive from the city’s theme parks, water parks, and resorts. Photo: Time Out. Wave-shaped concert hall in Spain Tenerife auditorium is considered one of the architectural icons of Spain. The huge building is built of concrete with impressive curves.