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Trac Vy revealed 3 “cleanest” female stars in the entertainment industry


Three female stars are highly appreciated by Trac Vy: ‘No false rumors, beauty is very beautiful’.
Trac Vy – who is known as “China’s First Hound” is always a nightmare for many stars. Artists are hunted and tracked by reporters, their private lives are often exposed and exposed. Many celebrities are afraid that one day, Trac Vy will be “named”, themselves will become a second Ma Dung, Bach Bach Ha.

But everything will be an exception, here are 3 female stars who are highly appreciated by Trac Vy, feeling that they are the three “cleanest” female stars in the entertainment world. Let’s take a look at who they are with SAOstar! 1. Ma Tu Thuan Ma Sichun’s family background is relatively strong when Jiang Wenli – a famous Chinese producer and director, who has an extremely high status in the entertainment world, is her biological aunt. Ma Tu Thuan was introduced to many good projects by Chiang Van Le since entering showbiz until now. With good resources, good acting ability, Ma Tu Thuan has brought home many awards and even the title of Golden Horse, proving his strength. 2. Nghe Han Street After The Story of Chan Hoan’s Palace , Nghe Han Street once again using acting ability to conquer the audience in the movie Allied Military Master, The One Underworld… In addition to her talent, Duong Nghe Han is also loved when she has a beautiful, mischievous but no less lovely appearance, plus a love scene that makes people admire the male god Truong Nhuoc Quan. 3. Luu Thi Thi Luu Thi Thi Since entering the entertainment industry so far, it seems that there have never been any unfavorable rumors, plus learning choreography from a young age helps her bring to the audience a very elegant and aura. Noble. With a performance in Fairy sword period 3 come Scarlet heart Luu Thi Thi has captured the hearts of the audience. After marrying Ngo Ky Long, Luu Thi Thi has never had any rumors, such a female star deserves to be truly loved and respected by fans.