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Why is now the best time to lay out fil?



Who’s life is not just a chicken feather, but you are all working hard to live, all kinds of pressures in life, while you are experiencing, there will be people in other corners of the world experiencing what you have experienced

Recently, the trend of national supervision has become stronger. Bitcoin and Ethereum mining have been suppressed, but Filecoin has not been affected, and it can still be unique.

It is not an ordinary project, It is the future of the Internet 2.0 era and the king of the blockchain 3.0 era . This is what is truly precious to human society, Investment is a long-term plan. You can’t make a fortune overnight, so don’t rush for success. Both traditional finance and digital finance have a common feature; long-term holding of a product or currency is a huge test for the holder’s mentality.

The national policy is to support IPFS distributed storage, and Filecoin, as the token of the IPFS incentive layer, is inseparable according to its economic model.

The just-concluded Internet 3.0 China Summit was hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Shenzhen Municipal Government. At the summit, giants such as Huawei, Ali, Lenovo, Dell, Inspur, and Sugon also participated in the layout of the IPFS/FIL industry.

Not long ago, Zhongke Cloud Computing Center established a distributed storage laboratory. This fully shows that distributed storage is not only recognized by the government, but also recognized and valued by giants in various industries, just as a famous saying in the capital circle: “Capital will flow to the center of heavy capital.”

From the perspective of the underlying structure, IPFS provides a new solution for the existing storage industry, which can improve data storage security and protect users’ efficient transmission; storage devices and networks can be effectively used to reduce data storage and transmission costs.

Can it surpass Bitcoin? Bitcoin is just a digital asset, and its characteristics determine its limitations. The greatest value of Bitcoin lies in its scarcity and consensus.

Data storage is the biggest demand of the Internet. With the advent of the 5G era, more and more companies, governments and individuals are transferring data storage to the more technologically advanced IPFS network. Therefore, in the future, it will be more easily accepted by the public, including the operation of the People’s Cloud Network in China.

In the future, more capital will be added to the creation of Filecoin to jointly improve the FIL ecosystem. Although it has experienced the bonus period of the first mine, Filecoin ushered in a period of rapid development and explosion, but from the perspective of the future, Filecoin is still in the initial stage, and we still have the opportunity to participate. The price of FIL will definitely be higher in the future. Enterprises with IPFS distributed storage technology will realize the landing sooner. With the popularization of distributed storage in the future, the market value will inevitably be expected.

Your today depends on your decision yesterday

Your tomorrow depends on your decision today

Finally, I would like to give you a word: Choice is greater than effort, thought determines the way out, concept determines destiny, dream illuminates life.

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