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Postpartum hair loss and how to overcome it from organic ginger shampoo


Postpartum hair loss is a nightmare for many women. This is also a topic that is actively discussed by pregnant and nursing mothers in discussion groups.. There are many causes of postpartum hair loss and it would be disastrous if postpartum mothers did not pay attention to it. This situation.

(Illustration) What is postpartum hair loss? Normal people’s hair as a rule will take a few years to change once, on average 1 month if the hair is healthy, the hair will grow by 2-3cm, depending on the health factors. Healthy, endocrine that each person will have different stages. For women after giving birth, an average of 30-40 women will experience hair loss for every 100 women, this is considered a common rate. (Illustration) Causes of postpartum hair loss This hair loss is related to many hormonal factors, or because the diet has not provided enough nutrients for the hair, or because the spirit of postpartum women is stressed, psychological stress. Hair loss not only affects the appearance of women, affects the appearance of self-confidence. – Nutritional deficiencies: This is also a very important cause of postpartum hair loss that women should understand. During the breastfeeding period, the mother’s body needs more nutrients than the normal body. When the required amount of nutrients is not guaranteed, the body is deficient in nutrients, which leads to many health problems including hair loss. The lack of some nutrients such as vitamin A, biotin, iron, etc. makes the hair fiber weak, dry and prone to breakage. – Hormonal disorders: After giving birth, estrogen levels drop too low, causing hair to grow slowly and fall out a lot. – Due to psychological disorders: After giving birth, mothers often suffer from stress and depression, which causes the body’s metabolism to be disturbed, blood circulation is poor, hair is not provided with enough nutrients, weakens and falls out. Overcome postpartum hair loss with organic ginger shampoo Postpartum hair loss is a common phenomenon. This situation can last longer if you do not care about hair care. As a result, the hair becomes thinner, difficult to comb, a lot of hair clings to the comb when you comb or stroke it. When the hair is thin, the scalp is exposed, it is easy to encounter scalp infections, folliculitis. For that reason, on the market today, many postpartum mothers have chosen the method of using ginger shampoo with organic ingredients, which helps to make hair smooth, strong, prevent hair loss, and stimulate hair growth. Organic ginger (illustration) Ginger is a natural ingredient with excellent hair care effects that helps you get rid of dandruff and effectively prevent hair loss. The antioxidant and anti-fungal properties of ginger are very beneficial for your hair. That comes from zingiberol, zingiberene, citral, chavicol, nonanal, borneol – nutrients that are beneficial for hair in ginger with the effect of helping to prevent dandruff, treat hair loss, regenerate scalp cells. When used as an essential oil for hair, ginger will stimulate hair growth faster and thicker. Ginger is rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for hair. With organic ginger, the content of substances in ginger root will be many times higher than that of fresh ginger. Under strict standards in the selection of ginger varieties, care and nurturing, farmers produce organic ginger yields that meet quality standards. Therefore, the effect of organic ginger is also highly effective. Besides, ginger is also a familiar ingredient for pregnant and postpartum mothers. The active ingredients in organic ginger help to massage the hair roots, giving pregnant women a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Ginger also has a special use in preventing colds, clearing colds, keeping the body warm. For mothers after giving birth, the product is the perfect choice in taking care of themselves. Many women choose the method of self-soaking ginger at home, but this will not promote all the benefits of ginger, and there are many other harmful effects in processing that cause direct health effects. Choose premium organic coconut ginger shampoo Organic Coconut Coconut Herbal Shampoo was born to create a breakthrough to help solve problems that customers face such as: preventing hair loss, stimulating hair growth, cleaning dandruff, cleaning scalp, effectively reducing itchy fungus. The product instead of cleaning dandruff with specialized products, containing chemicals that are harmful to oily skin, organic dandruff shampoo Coconut Coconut is the perfect replacement for damaged hair. broken off. Because, for this line of anti-dandruff shampoo, the longer you use it, the more you will see the dandruff disappear completely and hair and scalp problems are also effectively improved. Not only that, the product has received organic ingredient certification from Ecocert organization. It is an organization that certifies farmed organic products worldwide and is authorized to certify organic ingredients according to USDA NOP standards. In the natural cosmetics market, the certificate from the organization is the world’s leading prestigious facility in quality control, confirming the amount of organic origin is trusted by everyone. In particular, during the production process, fresh ginger and ginger fibers are not completely removed but are still kept in the shampoo bottles, we can still observe with the naked eye. This will help promote the full use of Ginger for hair and scalp. Keeps scalp warm, prevents colds and relieves stress As we all know, the spicy, warm nature of ginger helps to keep the scalp warm. When shampooing, ginger essence penetrates into the hair follicles, stimulates blood vessel circulation under the scalp, helping to reduce stress and stress for the user. Besides, herbal shampoo has a light ginger scent that creates a feeling of relaxation and comfort for users. Stimulate hair growth, nourish and care for hair from deep inside Organic Shampoo Ginger Coconut Grass Flower Leaves in addition to cleaning dandruff also works to stimulate hair growth, nourish and care for hair from deep within. Coconut oil contains many fatty acids that help stimulate hair growth effectively. Moreover, the composition of the shampoo contains extracts such as: olive extract, grape seed extract, argan oil, vitamin B5, … have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, helping to prevent damage. Increases hair’s ability to retain moisture very well, adds nutrients to the hair to make hair soft and strong from deep inside, much better than the silicone chemicals inside other hair care products. The product is the choice of many pregnant and postpartum mothers in taking care of their own and their family’s hair.