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Why is Yamaha Latte scooter suitable for modern women?


Representing the beauty of modern women with sophisticated European design, Yamaha Latte brings a new standard of style. Not only that, this 125cc scooter model also has an outstanding fuel economy of 1.8 liters / 100km, right behind its sister Yamaha Grande – the number 1 fuel-efficient scooter in Vietnam.
Fashionable design, practical, elaborate on every line

Targeting female customers, the Yamaha Latte 125 has a modern design with a typical European style. Unlike other scooter models for men or neutrals, Yamaha Latte has many soft curves that can be found at both the front and rear of the car. Prominent at the front of the car is the delicate Halogen diamond lamp cluster, adding elegance to the overall design. More delicately, Yamaha also favorably paints the rearview mirrors on the Yamaha Latte in the same color as the car, different from the jet black paint like many other models. The rear of the Yamaha Latte has a youthful and soft design Not only taking care of every subtle detail, creating a flashy exterior, but the Yamaha Latte is also an extremely practical model. First, although the size of the car is not large, thanks to the practical design, the trunk volume is up to 37 liters. With this trunk, you can safely store all kinds of items such as bags, helmets, raincoats, lunch boxes, etc. without having to hang or wear them, which can cause unsafety in your life. vehicle control. The trunk is extremely spacious with a volume of up to 37 liters, which can fit a 13-inch laptop Besides, the layout of the fuel tank in the front also helps Yamaha Latte score points for convenience. The fuel tank is placed symmetrically with the lock at the top, making it easy for users to open and close when refueling without being entangled by things hanging on the floor of the car or having to open the trunk to be able to fill up. This fuel tank design is also one of the reasons that help Yamaha Latte take advantage of the space for a more spacious trunk. Experience durability, smoothness and outstanding fuel economy Referring to Yamaha Latte but only talking about eye-catching appearance is flawed. Because the model also attracts women thanks to its smooth operation with respectable fuel economy. In the segment of 125cc scooters in Vietnam today, Yamaha Latte has a fuel consumption of only 1.8 liters / 100km, right behind its sister, Yamaha Grande with a fuel consumption of 1.69 liter/100km – No. 1 fuel-efficient scooter in Vietnam, according to data from the Registry. Officially launched in May 2019, Yamaha Latte possesses powerful and economical performance with a 125cc Blue Core engine, 4-stroke single cylinder, 2 air-cooled valves to help the car operate smoothly and durable. belgium. The vehicle’s design is streamlined and lighter thanks to the integrated Smart Motor Generator for smooth and easy starting. So, with Yamaha Latte, users can experience 2 convenient features: · Quick start with 1 click (One-Push Start) : helps to start the car quickly and without noise, for a smooth and flawless driving experience. · Temporary engine shutdown system (Stop & Start System): has the function of automatically stopping the engine when stopping and restarting when accelerating, with 2 normal and crowded modes to help save fuel in the long run. Yamaha test conditions. As a result, Yamaha Latte only has a fuel consumption of 1.8 liters of gasoline / 100km. Extremely modern temporary engine shutdown system is equipped on Yamaha Latte Practical experience, Yamaha Latte has a relatively light weight, easy for women to drive or support their legs. Turn the smart key, the large volume of the trunk can easily store up to 2 half helmets, bags and many other items. When starting the engine, almost no sound is heard, but only a slight vibration is felt. It seems that if the car does not vibrate, it is difficult to tell if the car has been started. Increase the throttle, thanks to the smart generator, the car moves extremely smoothly. Even when going uphill or overpass, the car still proved to be overpowered, going up gently without feeling any strain. Besides, even though the car is running at a speed of 60 km / h, the engine sound is quite small and pleasant, the machine does not feel overwhelmed at every acceleration or deep throttle. In addition, regardless of the speed range, from slow to fast, when cornering, the body is still stable, bringing a sense of security to the driver. This probably comes from the fact that the fuel tank is brought forward, creating balance with the rear of the car. In general, in terms of performance, the Yamaha Latte is a light and quiet model when used for daily commute. But the power of the model cannot be underestimated even though the Yamaha Latte is a scooter for women. Thanks to its neat design and light weight, Yamaha Latte helps women move easily The amazing fuel economy of Yamaha Latte will also be a delight to users, especially in a time when gas prices are at a very high level and continuously increasing. Therefore, using a low-fuel motorcycle like the Yamaha Latte is no different from saving a small amount of money in daily living costs. Another plus point for Yamaha Latte is that the car is also equipped with a smart lock system and a smart navigation system: The smart lock system only activates when the key holder is within the allowed range. , with a knob that can perform many functions such as starting / stopping the start, opening the fuel tank cover and trunk, locking the car’s neck to prevent theft. Thus, when using the car, you can completely keep the key in your bag without having to look for the key and still be able to start and turn off the engine easily; The navigation system is just a push of a button on the key, the turn signal lights will light up and make a sound to help users easily locate the car in a parking lot or in the dark. Considered a “delicious – nutritious – cheap” product of Yamaha, Latte currently has an extremely attractive price: 37.99 million VND for the most advanced version and 37.49 million VND for the standard version. Luxurious, stylish and extremely economical, Yamaha Latte will definitely bring our sisters inspirational journey experiences every day.