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Will platinum fade? How to maintain platinum jewelry?


Platinum is a rare precious metal that is often used for forging jewelry and has always been popular in the market. Most of the necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and other jewelry we commonly see are mainly platinum, because compared to gold and 18K gold, platinum has an inherently unique pure white luster, giving people a kind of elegance, Pure and noble feeling. However, platinum is a kind of metal, and many people can’t help but ask questions like “Will platinum fade?” How do you usually maintain it? If you are also confused about whether platinum will fade, you might as well follow me and walk into the world of platinum. , Re-recognize and understand platinum.

The reason why everyone asks whether platinum will fade is because other metal jewelry, such as 18K gold, will fade after wearing it for a long time, so there is this doubt. But with regard to the issue of platinum’s inability to fade, let’s first understand the characteristics of platinum. Platinum is a rare white precious metal naturally formed. It has a natural white luster. Its chemical properties are more stable than other metals, so it has the characteristic of never fading.

After understanding the characteristics of platinum and platinum, the question of whether platinum will fade, presumably many people have the answer in their minds. But some people will continue to ask, if platinum jewelry has been worn for a long time, it feels as if the luster is not so pure, and it looks like it is not white as before. In fact, it is not. Platinum itself is pure white, and there is no fading.It is likely that this situation is due to time issues and stain coverage. It is because it is stained with too much sweat and stains during daily wear and adheres to it. The surface looks faded.

Now that everyone knows the answer to the question “Will platinum fade?”, how should platinum jewelry be maintained in daily life?

First of all, it is good to be able to cherish any of your own jewelry, not just platinum jewelry. But platinum, as a very worry-free material, does not require too much care or special maintenance. It can be worn with confidence in many scenes. All this is due to the stable chemical properties of platinum, so whether it is items that are exposed to flowing water for a long time such as hot springs and swimming, or daily items such as exercise, sweating, bathing, or even exposure to bleach, alcohol, etc., you can rest assured Wear platinum boldly. Secondly, the editor here can tell you a simple small coup to clean platinum, to help everyone’s platinum always emit a translucent luster. In addition to the special jewelry cleaning fluid, you can also soak the platinum jewelry with universal soapy water, then gently brush the surface of the platinum jewelry with a soft toothbrush, and finally rinse it with clean water and dry it with a soft towel.

To sum up, don’t you have to worry about platinum fading for those who like platinum jewelry? Don’t forget that platinum is also called “the never-fading love” because it is very stable and easy to take care of. When you see platinum jewelry you like, feel free to buy it boldly, it’s absolutely beautiful and worry-free!