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Zhuhai Bank of China creates a new image of “Zhuhai’s small and micro enterprises, science and technology innovation and people’s livelihood friend”


In recent years, Bank of China Zhuhai Branch (hereinafter referred to as “Zhuhai Bank of China”) has taken the initiative to respondcountryRegarding the policy and deployment of accelerating the development of inclusive finance, we should give full play to our own advantages, actively integrate into the overall development situation, and introduce the source of living water to promote the high-quality development of the small and micro real economy.

1. Follow the policy and continue to promote the “incremental expansion, quality improvement and cost reduction” of inclusive finance

In terms of “increment”, as of April this year, Zhuhai Bank of China Inclusive Finance (statistical caliber: small and micro enterprises, small and micro business owners, and individual industrial and commercial households with credits of less than 10 million yuan) loan balances were 3.578 billion yuan, a net increase of 934 million that year Yuan, an increase of 35.33%.

In terms of “expansion”, in the first April of this year, Zhuhai Bank of China’s inclusive small and micro enterprises have a net increase of 103 loan holders, a net increase of 32.19% that year. At the same time, the Bank of China in Zhuhai took the initiative to strengthen the policy transmission of the “first lender” and achieved first loans for 35 small and micro enterprises.

In terms of “quality improvement,” BOC Zhuhai optimized credit conditions, increased credit and medium- and long-term loans, and effectively reduced the pressure of guarantees and repayments for small and micro enterprises.As of Aprilend, The bank’s inclusive small and micro enterprise credit loan balance was 1.428 billion yuan, a net increase of 51.11% that year; the inclusive small and micro enterprise’s medium and long-term loan balance was 1.406 billion yuan, a net increase of 73.79% that year.

In terms of “cost reduction”, Zhuhai Bank of China implemented a loan-and-repay, daily-calculated interest calculation rule for inclusive small and micro enterprises, and provided interest rate concessions for companies that comply with the inclusive financial rules.In the first 4 months, the annualized interest rate of inclusive small and micro enterprise loans issued by the bank was higher than that of the previous year.endContinue to steadily drop by 0.38 percentage points.

2. Tailor financing schemes for small and micro enterprises of science and technology innovation in accordance with local conditions

Based on the characteristics and advantages of the local technology and innovation industry and high-end talent pooling, BOC Zhuhai closely focuses on the “14th Five-Year Plan”, “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Plan Outline” and Zhuhai’s “5+1” industrial layout plan, targeting high-tech enterprises , Technology-based enterprises, and “specialized, special-new” enterprises took the lead in launching the “Zhuhai Science and Technology Innovation Loan” series of products, and innovatively launched the “Zhuhai Yingcai Loan” around the “Zhuhai Yingcai Plan”.These characteristic products abandon the traditional credit concept of “look at the bricks (collateral)”, and use pure credit, equity pledge, intellectual property pledge, government risk sharing and other methods to provide high-tech content and lightassets, Start-up small and micro enterprises provide convenient and flexible financing solutions.

Since September 2020, Zhuhai Bank of China and Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology have jointly implemented the “Cultivation and Development” jointly formulated by Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and Guangdong Bank of China.Strategic industryCluster Exclusive Financing Service Program”, launched six series of products, including “Strong Chain Loan”, “Extended Chain Loan”, “Supplementary Chain Loan”, “Smart Loan”, “Park Loan”, and “Chuangke Loan”. Provide support for the high-quality development of the manufacturing industryGuarantee.

Based on the innovation of product and service solutions, BOC Zhuhai has also cooperated with Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Zhuhai Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and other government units in recent years. 11 special platforms were held on the theme of “Corporate Financing and Smart South Guangdong Tour”activity, To provide comprehensive services of “policy guidance + financing support” for more than 600 small and micro sci-tech innovation enterprises.

Under the dual promotion of products and services, as of Aprilend, The balance of loans to small and micro enterprises in science and technology innovation of the Bank of China in Zhuhai was 1.633 billion yuan, compared with the previous yearendAn increase of 46.59%; the number of loan households was 326, compared with the previous yearendAn increase of nearly 32%. With the support of these loans, more than 10 companies have grown from small and micro to medium-sized, and have launched a listing plan.

3. Precise drip irrigation to enrich people’s livelihoodGuaranteeSmall and micro enterprise credit scenario

Zhuhai Bank of China closely follows policy guidance and market demand, and spares no effort to improve its impact on people’s livelihoodGuaranteeThe service capabilities of similar small and micro enterprises. After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia in 2020, the Bank of China in Zhuhai responded swiftly and issued the first special re-loan in Zhuhai with the exclusive product of the “anti-epidemic loan”. The total number is 12FocusThe small and micro enterprises in the guarantee list issued 68.17 million yuan of special reloans, and the number and amount of special reloans issued by small and micro enterprises ranked first in the city. At the same time, it has approved a special quota of 552 million yuan for 55 small and micro enterprises related to epidemic prevention, provided 421 million yuan of special funds for 123 small and micro enterprises that need to resume work and production, and approved a special quota of more than 60 million yuan for resumption of work and school for 17 kindergartens. .

Entering 2021, Zhuhai Bank of China will give full play to people’s livelihoods such as “Medical Tongbao”, “Education Tongbao”, “Cultural Tongbao”, “Chunhui Loan”, and “Food Loan”.GuaranteeThe advantages of similar financing service scenarios have continuously expanded the scope of drip irrigation.As of Aprilend, The bank’s balance of loans to small and micro enterprises in the field of people’s livelihood was 228 million yuan, compared with the previous yearendIncreased by more than 20%. Currently, BOC Zhuhai is working with the Zhuhai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to implement the “Promoting “Cantonese Cuisine Master”, “Guangdong Skilled Workers”, and “Southern Guangdong Housekeeping” Project to Promote Employment and Entrepreneurship Exclusive Financing Service Plan, in order to meet the needs of the modern industrial system Skilled talents are provided to solve financing problems.

4. Optimize the mechanism to improve the efficiency of inclusive financial services in an all-round way

At the level of institutional services, Zhuhai Bank of China, based on the needs of small and micro enterprises, has established 9 central sub-branches with initiation authority and 3 characteristic branches of inclusive finance throughout its jurisdiction to fully accept the financing needs of small and micro enterprises.

At the level of acceptance and approval, the Bank of China in Zhuhai cooperated with the Inclusive Finance Business Department of the Guangdong Branch of Bank of China to hold regular on-site review meetings in Zhuhai, with the theme of “branch initiation + branch acceptance + provincial approval”Level 3The linkage method integrates the pre-loan investigation, project declaration and credit approval processes in time and space, greatly improving service efficiency.

At the financial technology level, Zhuhai Bank of China will launch the inclusive financial business “online product breakthrough year” in 2021activity, Using the “Bank of China Enterprise E-Loan” series of products as a starting point, providing small and micro enterprises in different industries with diversified credit acquisition channels such as “measured by credit”, “measured by tax” and “measured by house”.

In the next stage, Zhuhai Bank of China will continue to make efforts in the field of inclusive finance, and give full play to the group’s advantages to provide local small and micro enterprises with more warm and in-depth diversified services.