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3 great cavalry to avoid when buying an apartment


When buying an apartment, besides the price, function, design … homeowners need to pay close attention to the location of the apartment.

According to the mainstream feng shui sect, a bad position is not only inconvenient in daily life but also has a bad influence on feng shui, causing homeowners and family members to always encounter unlucky things, a life of discord, and wealth. fortune and fame are difficult to achieve. Opposite the exit Homeowners should avoid apartments as much as possible with the main door located directly opposite the exit or emergency stairs. If the apartment has an emergency exit that is always open, this position will commit a Khiem Nguu Sat position. According to the mainstream feng shui sect, Shield of Niu Sat is a type of extremely bad killing intent, this killing intent will cause all the luck in the house to flow out, bad luck will come, the family is not warm, the residents are prone to diseases, everyone things are not favorable. But even if the exit door is closed, this position is extremely bad, not good for feng shui. Therefore, homeowners should avoid apartments with this location! At the end of the corridor Special attention should be paid to not choosing apartments at the end of the corridor when it is placed at the end of a straight and deep corridor. Then the main door of the apartment will be badly affected. According to feng shui, the location of the apartment falling in the above department has committed the Qi Sat impulse, this is an extremely bad killing intent that causes the owner and family members to have bad luck, the mood is always tense, safe, constantly sick. Next to the elevator The elevator is the place to transport air to higher floors, so apartments with a suitable location close to the elevator will enjoy a good source of air, balanced airflow. However, homeowners should note that they should not choose apartments right next to the elevator, the main door is directly around the elevator, because these areas often have too fast and massive airflow, causing the airflow to be out of balance. Moreover, this location does not have much space for navigation. * Information for reference and contemplation.