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5 simple ways to help your skin reduce oil shine, stay smooth all day long


If she knows how to take care of her, she will not have a shiny skin like a grease pan.

Even if you already have oily skin, that doesn’t mean you have to “live” with a “fat pan” skin condition forever. Even in the super hot summer, if you know how to take care of it, you will still have plump, bright skin that is still dry and smooth. Here are very useful tips to help repel oily skin, oily skin women should pay attention. Use cleansing oil If you haven’t used a makeup remover before, now is the time to invest in this useful skincare product. Most people with oily skin avoid oil-based makeup removers because they think that this product will only make their skin sticky and greasy. However, the fact is, oil will dissolve oil, and oil cleansers are the ideal way to remove the remnants of oil-based cosmetics, sebum buildup, and help you get clear, smooth skin . It is worth mentioning here that the cleansing oil has a very strong cleansing ability, but will not make your skin dry and tight. Avoid harsh cleansers Oily skin girls love the cleanser bottles that feel clean after use. It sounds reasonable, but this is actually the wrong choice. When you use a cleanser that is too strong, it will dry out your skin and wash away its natural oils. And instead of leaving skin smooth, harsh cleansers will force the skin to produce more oil to replenish its own moisture, thus making the skin even more greasy. A reasonable choice for oily skin girls is to believe in using gentle cleansers, which help preserve moisture and natural oils for the skin after cleansing. Exfoliate regularly When you have oily skin, regular exfoliation is very important. Accumulation of dead skin not only makes your skin dull, rough, but also prevents skincare products from effectively penetrating into the skin. This is the reason, the skin will become lack of moisture, must produce more excess oil and shiny, sticky skin is inevitable. Therefore, every week, you should exfoliate about 2-3 times to keep the skin clean, bright and smooth. Note that you should not exfoliate with too much frequency, the skin will produce even more oil. Full moisture Oily skin doesn’t mean you can neglect your skin moisturizer. In fact, providing enough moisture for oily skin is the most important rule. Because, when the skin lacks moisture, the skin will produce more oil. And so, whether in winter or summer, you must not forget the task of moisturizing the skin. However, you should note that you should use a moisturizer with a light texture that does not clog pores, such as a gel product, so that the skin is not heavy and sticky. Use a weekly clay mask Adding a clay mask is also a great way to get smooth, non-greasy skin. Clay will help absorb oil, dirt and purify the skin. However, you should choose clay masks with built-in moisturizing effects, and only apply clay masks for about 10-15 minutes so as not to cause skin dryness. Photo: Instagram