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6 ways to cut your own bangs quickly and successfully 100%


The bangs that ‘go into the ground’ are due to the lack of knowledge of the following techniques.

Along with hair care at home, the thing that women face the most difficulty is having to cut their own hair. Especially with bangs, just one wrong cut is enough. Many self-cutting phases “go into the ground” miserable owners, and people watching can’t help but laugh. To avoid encountering “accidents” like this, please note the important tips to cut your own hair and still be soft and beautiful. Starting from the step of choosing hair cutting scissors Before you prepare to cut your hair you need to choose the scissors that you will use. Many people immediately choose stationery scissors, but when this scissors cuts, the hair will be warped, sometimes split ends, very easy to damage the hair. If you really don’t have professional barber scissors, you can use the small scissors you normally use to cut false eyelashes or your nails to cut your bangs. This scissors is small but very easy to use. The blade is thin and sharp, so it cuts more clearly than ordinary pruning shears. Because the scissors are small, you should divide the bangs into small curls and then cut them. If not, at least you should choose a very sharp pair of scissors to cut which blow is the last stroke, so the ends of the hair will not be split. Do not place the mirror below the angle of the face Often when cutting bangs at home, women have the habit of lowering their heads to look at the scissors and the mirror to cut their hair. Mirrors placed low below the angle of the face will make you cut short, short hair on the forehead. A lot of broken phases also come from there. To avoid this “tragedy”, you should use a mirror in the bathroom, face straight in front of the mirror and cut so that the hair will not be too short. Golden triangle of bangs It is very important to zone the bangs before a haircut. In many bangs tutorial videos, the zoning of the bangs is often specified at the very first step, but most viewers skip this step. If you divide the roof correctly according to the isosceles triangle, you will minimize the failure rate. The bangs will be more even and correct. Do not pull your hair too hard when cutting bangs More of an important reason that bangs are so tragic, some people pull their bangs down and then trim them. If you pull too hard, after cutting the bangs, the hair will tend to return to its natural curl, which will easily reveal a much shorter bangs length than expected. The best way is to use a comb to gently comb it down, after determining the length of the bangs, use your fingers to clip near the length position and start trimming. The direction of the blade also contributes to a reduction in the failure rate When trimming bangs yourself, the best angle of scissors is straight (when cutting the middle section) and diagonally in the direction of the hair when cutting the sides. Finally, if you want to trim the length, you should direct the scissors vertically and trim each strand. Should cut bangs when hair is dry Hair when dry will not be heavy and in the most natural state, so you can determine the correct bangs length. However, there is a note, each person’s hair fall is different, so you can moisten the hairline before cutting. This will fix the hairline for easier and safer trimming Source: Harpers Bazaar