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8 types of fruits and vegetables dispel summer thirst


In the summer, the temperature rises, the body sweats a lot, easily loses water and consumes energy. However, according to nutrition experts, summer also has many fruits and vegetables that can make up for this lost energy of the body.
Here are some suggestions of nutritionists to help you choose foods that are good for your body in hot summer weather.

1. Iced tea Sure, a glass of iced tea will help dispel the heat of a summer day, but did you know that it also has health benefits? Research shows that if you drink tea regularly, you can reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s and diabetes, along with healthier teeth and stronger bones. Tea is rich in antioxidants called flavonoids. Regardless of the type, from black tea, green tea, oolong tea, white tea or herbal tea, flavonoids will maximize their benefits while the tea is fresh. If you want to keep your tea refrigerated, “add a little lemon juice to it,” advises Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, director of the Antioxidant Research Laboratory at the Center for Human Nutrition Research. of the USDA at Tufts University in Boston, says the citric acid and vitamin C in lemon or orange juice will help preserve the flavonoids present in the tea for longer. 2. Watermelon Watermelon maintains enough water to help you have a clear memory and stable mood. Water also helps cool the body (by sweating) on ​​hot summer days. The good news is that water can also be provided through a variety of foods, like watermelon. In addition to containing the skin-protecting lycopene, 92% of watermelon is water. Eating water-rich foods will help you feel satisfied with fewer calories (interestingly, drinking water with food doesn’t have the same effect). 3. Tomatoes Sunscreen helps protect your skin from the harsh summer sun. Tomatoes too, they work to provide you with an extra layer of skin protection from within the body. In tomatoes, there are carotene pigments (provitamin A) that give tomatoes their red color, helping to consume more lycopene, which protects the skin from sunburn. In one study, when volunteers were exposed to ultraviolet light, almost 50% of them experienced less redness after eating teaspoon of tomato paste in addition to their regular diet for 10-12 weeks. . However, in the same study, people who received only lycopene or synthetic lycopene did not have significant protection from sunburn. 4. Coffee Drinking just 1 cup of coffee a day can help reduce the risk of skin cancer. In a study of more than 93,000 women, published in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, those who drank a single cup of coffee a day had an increased risk of melanoma. reduced by about 10%. The more they drank, up to six cups a day, the lower the risk. Caffeinated foods do not seem to have this effect. 5. Corn Corn contains lutein and zeaxanthin, two unique provitamin A substances found in the retina, capable of acting as a natural filter, helping to form retinal pigment, blocking some harmful rays in sunlight. Sun. Corn also helps reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in patients over 60 years of age. 6. Cherry Cherries offer a host of health benefits. You may have heard that drinking tart cherry juice can give you a good night’s sleep and help manage post-workout pain. In sour cherries, there are also substances that can make your body slimmer because cherries contain anthocyamine, a substance capable of activating a molecule that helps speed up fat burning and reduce fat storage. redundant. 7. Raspberry Raspberries are a great source of fiber, one of which is dissolved in the form of pectin, which is a cholesterol-lowering substance. 1 cup of raspberries contains about 8 grams of fiber. Research published in the Journal of Nutrition suggests that eating more fiber helps prevent weight gain and even promotes weight loss. After two years of research, scientists found that when adding 8g of fiber for every 1000 calories in the diet, the volunteers lost about 2 kg of weight. Test yourself. If you are using 2000 calories per day, try to increase the fiber in your diet to 16 grams and feel the difference. 8. Blueberries Fresh blueberries contain antioxidants that can help ward off muscle fatigue by scavenging free radicals produced by muscles during activity, according to a recent New York study. Zealand. Illustration.