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Dieu Nhi is one step closer to her dream of ‘diva’ after this cover…


‘It won’t be long before Dieu Nhi becomes a diva’s diva’ – a fan shared.
No need for a grand studio or complicated recording equipment, with just a microphone and a car, Dieu Nhi was able to create a live performance “into the heart”.

Specifically, on the evening of June 14, People’s Artist Dieu Nhi downloaded a super hit cover Leave The Door Open by Bruno Mars. The cover is rated by fans as extremely “quality” in terms of vocals as well as pronunciation. After listening to it, many fans couldn’t help but express that they had forgotten what the original was like. Even though it was just a cover, Dieu Nhi was able to leave an impression far beyond the original. This is definitely an effect that even a seasoned diva can’t achieve. After this cover, Dieu Nhi is one step closer to her dream of being a diva! Dieu Nhi’s cover is so impressive that fans forget the original! Very soon, diva Su Ca Na will debut and become a new monument in the V-pop music industry! Before that, the promising vocalist also had countless covers that shook netizens like How You Like That , Fake Love nice DDU-DU DUU-DU . These covers also made fans tremble to the point of “crying without words” and asked Dieu Nhi to put down the mic to take care of her natural voice. Dieu Nhi made fans “cry without words” with her covers. It is known that according to Dieu Nhi’s share, the female artist intends to open several stages around the world to serve the needs and aspirations of international audiences in particular and Vietnam in particular. general. Will the world receive another diva phenomenon named Tran Thi Dieu Nhi in the near future?