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Vietnamese stars fuel the Vietnamese team


Cricket Cricket wrote a lyric to cheer the spirit of the Vietnamese team; ST promises to do everything the fans want if Vietnam wins the UAE; Anh Tu and LyLy also boldly predicted that Vietnam would win with a score of 2-1;…

Tien Linh released a very sweet sound that made the female fans “drunk”: “The flag is red. Your shirt is green. He doesn’t know yet. Do you… like me? Send some sunshine to Vietnam from Dubai. Hot boy Hai Nam cheers for the Vietnamese team: “I heard that the UAE will solo with Vietnam in a few hours. Jump up aeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee). Do Hung Dung at the Euro 2020 Commentary studio: “VTV’s super cute commentators team”. ST changed the avatar completely to cheer the spirit of the Vietnamese team: “If Vietnam wins the UAE tonight, what do you want Ti to do????? Let’s cheer for the Vietnamese team, friends” . Tran Thanh is interested in the similarity of the two uncles and nephews: “My grandson’s son is exactly the same as me!!! Kkkkk”. Mr. Cao Thang I feel very blessed when Princess Winnie “knows to do laundry”. Phan Dinh Tung turned his son Noah into a super cute child fan to cheer for the Vietnam Team in the match against the UAE Team in the 2022 World Cup qualifier. Cricket Cricket cheered for the Vietnamese team with a rap: “Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam fighting. Write an unforgettable heroic history. Red blood and yellow skin are still indomitable. Touch the ball to score the best Vietnamese.” Singer Quang Le uploaded a photo with midfielder Quang Hai, wishing the Vietnamese team a great victory tonight away from the UAE. Anh Tu and LyLy also boldly predicted the score of the match between Vietnam and UAE to be 2-1.