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Look up words: Wibu is a word used to refer to who and why are they being so ‘stoned’?


The term Wibu has been present in Vietnam for a long time, but not everyone knows the original meaning of this phrase.
What is Wibu?

Wibu is a word used to refer to non-Japanese people who are obsessed with Japanese culture through Manga, Anime, lLght novels. In Vietnam, the term Wibu is often used with a negative connotation to refer to Anime and Manga fans who are too passionate, or those who do not know anything about Japanese culture but like to show off. Origin from Wibu Wibu is actually a re-pronunciation of the word Weeaboo. Weeaboo’s predecessor was Wapanese, which is a combination of white (white/white) or wannabe (want to be) and Japanese (belonging to Japan). Appearing a lot on the website 4chan in the early 2000s, the word Wapanese was born with the connotation of white people obsessed with Japanese culture, viewing it as superior to Japanese culture. national and other cultures. Later, people used the word Weeaboo more often instead of Wapanese, even though the meaning of both words was the same. Illustration Currently, this word is also used for other countries, not just the West. When Weeaboo was introduced to Vietnam, the word was changed to Wibu (pronounced Weeaboo). Today, wibu is also used to refer to those who do not understand Japan or Japanese culture but like to show off. Wibu identification Not everyone who loves Japanese culture is Wibu, but only passionate, outrageous fans who worship Japanese culture so much that they are ready to “stone war” with others to promote it. The new Japanese culture is Wibu. Illustration Some characteristics to identify Wibu: – People who are so obsessed with Japanese culture that they value Japanese culture more than their native culture and other cultures. – Shows an “obsession” with Manga, Anime and other cultures adapted from Japanese culture. – Use Japanese words as your catchphrase. Even Japanese words are misused by them. – Most of these people know Japan and Japanese based on Anime and Manga. – Another manifestation of Wibu is having a desire to become Japanese.