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‘Eat is choke’, but Japanese diners compete to try this unique ice cream


The cream filled with green tea powder makes it easy for diners to choke, but is a popular dessert that many people hunt for in Japan.

Ice cream cone covered with green tea powder in Japan Did you know the challenge of eating cinnamon powder about a decade ago? The challenge is well known across social media and most popular ever, even the Wikipedia page has its own article on this issue. Challenge participants will eat a teaspoon of ground cinnamon in less than 60 seconds without drinking more water or anything else. And recently, an equally interesting challenge spread in Japan associated with green tea powder cream. A shop selling sweets in Tokyo became more famous when it introduced to the market soft ice cream covered with large amounts of green tea powder. It is known that with the large amount of green tea powder on the outside of the ice cream, the eater will be more prone to choking than ever, but this adds to the challenge for those who want to enjoy it. ‘Eat is choke’, but Japanese diners compete to try this unique ice cream The Nagamine store in Tagata, Tokyo, has been serving the famous matcha green tea ice cream for at least the past four years but is now becoming more popular as more people race to take on the challenge of eating ice cream covered with green tea powder. The dish was featured on the national television variety show, Monday Late Show. This segment is not focused on the quality or taste of the ice cream, but on the effectiveness of its experience on challenge participants. Because there is too much green tea powder, when eating large pieces, diners can easily dry mouth, cough, choke The thick green tea powder covered the surface of the cold, fuming cone is ready to cause coughing, choking for anyone trying to taste. Of course, there is still a way to prevent diners from coughing, choking is to bite small pieces or use a spoon. While many comments on social media believe that the challenge is interesting, willing and eager to try ice cream, there are also comments about the dangers of health. There is an opinion that this challenge can cause the eater to choke, choke, if too much green tea powder is inhaled in addition to being sick of the respiratory tract will make the condition worse. Some netizens even criticized the store for selling products with many associated risks.