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‘Forever life 2’ suddenly appeared in the National High School mock exam 2021


The passage in the National High School mock exam 2021 is one of the tips given by the author in “Forever Life 2” to help people transform their minds to be able to overcome the terrible fluctuations that are taking place. out.
Recently, the National High School mock exam 2021 in Literature suddenly appeared a question about the book “Forever Lifetime 2” by Professor John Vu – Nguyen Phong.

The book “Forever Life 2” appeared in the National High School mock exam in 2021. Specifically, in part 1, the test contains an excerpt from the book, and candidates read and understand and answer questions about the message the author sends in the passage: “Knowledge and education are completely different from wisdom. People who study more degrees and have more knowledge are not necessarily more talented and wise than people. The more people rely on them, the more they think they learn, the more they cling to things. Their ideas are limited and they often show intolerance and empathy for other people’s thoughts.Those who are good at reasoning often prefer to argue, argue, disagree with others according to their thoughts rather than listening. , explore and empathize. Knowledge helps us argue and convince with valid arguments, but it will not really affect others, because it cannot really win hearts and penetrate human souls. Only what goes from the heart can reach the heart of another.” The passage in the above exam is one of the tips given by the author in the book to help people transform their minds to be able to overcome the terrible upheavals that are taking place. The work has pointed out the difference in rank that is often confused between “Knowledge” and “Wisdom”, between “Knowledge” and “Spiritual”. The limit of knowledge, knowledge is still not enough for humanity to understand the deep roots of all problems. People still need to achieve more comprehensive enlightenment of “mind” in order to be able to “see beyond” things. “Forever Life 2” gives you a new perspective on the world, the cycle of reincarnation and the law of cause and effect; wake up and cultivate a good attitude towards life. Following Thomas’s strange lives in the mighty civilizations of Atlantis and Egypt in volume 1, “Forever Lives 2” is Thomas’ next unprecedented journey on a train through time – no The period stretches from contemporary America, back to the Mesopotamian desert of Assyria to ancient Greece, Persia, and India through the conquests of Alexander the Great. The memory of the heroic warrior Achilles in the legendary siege of Troy, the sudden awakening of the undefeated great emperor when conquering the mysterious country or the mysteries of the tomb of tyrant Qin Shi Huang… The magnificent picture of the human condition has to rotate constantly in the causal storm of ambition, war, hatred and love throughout the history of the world. Not only are Thomas’ profound lessons on Cause and Effect, “Forever Life 2” also lifts the veil of mystery and explores the endless journey of souls through the realms, the transit station in countless lifetimes. living… All are summed up, logically strung together with a harmonious perspective between spirituality, science, philosophy and the history of civilizations from East to West, from ancient to modern. Through wise conversations, the work also offers a way to transform karma, at the same time, warn of great dangers and changes in the future of humanity as well as sending healing messages. Compared to part 1, the richness and breadth of knowledge of “Forever Life 2” is expanded in many fields to further clarify the universal law of cause and effect, the primordial energy that creates life. existence of all things in the universe, of which man is the most vivid reflection. As soon as it was released, the latest work of Professor John Vu – Nguyen Phong created a fever, was well received by a large number of readers, even “hunted” as a spiritual “vaccine” in the midst of the peak of the world. 4th Covid-19 pandemic. The world is entering a period of many challenges and witnessing catastrophic and traumatic events that have never occurred in human history. The Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, natural disasters, storms and floods, forest fires, potential regional war risks cover people in anxiety and insecurity not understanding what is happening and will happen. With compassion, love and profound enlightenment, Professor John Vu – Nguyen Phong wrote this work to help readers better understand the law of energy, the close relationship between cause and effect, spreading the seeds of awakening and healing, and providing alarming analysis of the future of humanity in a very special period – the cycle of the planet.