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Turns out, K-Pop fans have been worried about idols bleaching their hair for a long time


K-Pop fans have long loved idols who have to dye their hair, bleaching their hair often will damage their hair, but it turns out we’re worrying too much. In fact, bleaching and dyeing idols’ hair isn’t that worrisome.
Every time K-Pop idols release new music, they often have a new hairstyle or dye to create a new and different look. In real life, many idols also have a hobby of changing their hair color frequently, and some even ask fans what color they like to wear and are ready to switch to that color.

K-Pop idols don’t mind dyeing unique colors As a result, almost every idol encounters dry, charged, and standing hair when they perform on stage. So many beautiful boys and girls have fallen into a situation where they lost all their form when their hair stood up like a lawn, making their teammates laugh and forget to perform. Many people have hair stand up while performing because it’s too dry Fans are of course very worried when they see idols bleaching and dyeing their hair continuously like that, worried that their hair will be damaged, dry and broken. Not to mention, Yoona once had to cut her hair short to remove the damaged hair ends from using too much chemicals, accepting to grow her new hair to be healthy. Yoona used to cut her hair short to grow her new hair more beautiful But according to hair stylists who specialize in working with K-Pop idols, things are not as stressful as fans worry. Dry hair, weak hair is inevitable but still at an acceptable level. Because after each hair bleaching or hair dyeing, idols go through many steps of hair care and hair restoration with good products. Thanks to that, their hair is not damaged too much. Experts confirm that idols do not damage their hair too much when bleaching and dyeing continuously Hairdressers themselves are also aware that their job is not only to create new hairstyles for idols, but also to calculate how to protect idols’ hair from damage. That’s why many female idols, despite dyeing and bleaching many times, still keep their hair shiny and smooth.