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Ha Tri Quang almost lost her beauty due to meeting a ‘fake doctor’


Faced with the risk of her beauty being destroyed by the “medicine” of the character Le Nam, the character Ha Tri Quang quickly sought a doctor for advice.
Looking for a way to treat acne to regain her beauty, the character Ha Tri Quang was suddenly “lucky” when she was helped by her sister Bich Tram. Specifically, Bich Tram shared that last week she had a lot of acne because she didn’t want her beauty to fade soon, so she decided to go for treatment and the end result was a flawless “smooth” face.

Despite being consulted by her sister with great care, Ha Tri Quang remained calm, ignoring Bich Tram’s words because of doubts about her unsafe acne treatment. The character Ha Tri Quang ignored the advice from Bich Tram. Photo: BEE Realizing that Ha Tri Quang did not believe her words, Bich Tram immediately invited a man she thought was the “miracle medicine” to treat acne, none other than Le Nam. Having just met Ha Tri Quang, this “medical god” said a “green” sentence that made him even more confused, when he confirmed that Ha Tri Quang’s face had a lot of blackheads, hidden acne if not taken care of. Careful care will be raised and at that time can no longer be handled. Character Ha Tri Quang. Photo: BEE As soon as he finished speaking, Le Nam immediately touched Ha Tri Quang’s face with his hand to conduct “appraisal”. At this time, Ha Tri Quang immediately reacted: “Are your hands disinfected? Washed yet? And where’s your glove?” Seeing that his brother still did not trust his “medicine”, Bich Tram then repeatedly tried to convince Ha Tri Quang. He thinks that Le Nam’s treatment is not safe, the risk of “destroying” beauty is very high, so he decided to go to a doctor for advice. Answering questions about the topic of today’s program, Assoc. Prof. TS.BS Le Ngoc Diep said that acne is very diverse. At each stage, there will be completely different treatments, it is completely possible to take care of the skin to get acne kernels periodically. Associate Professor. TS.BS Le Ngoc Diep shared at the program. Photo: BEE However, the doctor also emphasized that taking the acne core is completely unnecessary: “Currently, there are many topical drugs containing vitamin A, which have the effect of pushing the acne out without the patient needing direct intervention to avoid damage to the skin.” After listening to the doctor’s advice, Ha Tri Quang became more and more frightened at the risk of fading beauty when taking the wrong acne core. He also shared, if you want to treat acne properly, you must follow the doctor’s treatment plan and find reputable products for your facial skin. Watch the show Doctor, why? broadcast at 16:30, every Saturday on channel HTV7.