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How to rejuvenate skin with collagen with hundreds of needles?


The need for skin rejuvenation of women is growing and at the same time, there are many beauty measures born to help women retain their youth.
Dao Bich Hang (42 years old, Hanoi) is self-deprecating because of her loose skin, wide pores, and roughness. When she learned about beauty treatments, it was advertised that there are many ways to rejuvenate the skin, including implants that only increase collagen production to beautify.

However, there is so much information about implantation that Hang does not know how to choose. In the cutlery world group, Mr. Nguyen C. shared about collagen-only products imported from Korea and most of the customers who buy these products are spas. Students only need to register for a period of time to be able to stretch threads for customers. Assoc. Dr. BS. Do Quang Hung, General Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Plastic Surgery Association, said that currently, beauty stretch marks are applied a lot in spas. Assoc. Hung himself has received many cases of complications when thread tensioning. Typically, a 41-year-old female patient has just called for help because of complications of facial pain and inflammation in the surgical area due to a facelift with only a private cosmetic clinic. According to the patient’s account, because she wanted to look younger, she went to have a skin tightening on her temples at a beauty salon in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. After suffering hundreds of needles, but a month later, she still felt pain in both temples, so she went to Dr. Hung to ask for help. Doctor Hung had to surgically remove her temporal skin due to festering complications. Stretch only beauty. According to master, specialist doctor II Nguyen Minh Quang – Deputy Head of the Department of Research and Application of Stem Cell Technology, National Hospital of Dermatology, stretching is a rather popular beauty method. However, when looking at the image provided by the reporter, Dr. Quang was not clear about how the implant was done. “The blue procedure glove does not understand what it is?, the essence of the word “collagen thread stretch” is wrong. It is a marketing language that actually “stretches only to increase collagen production” – Dr. Minh said. According to Dr. Quang, many facilities now advertise stretch only with beautiful words and in those establishments, almost the people who perform them are not doctors. Most are spas with no technical safety procedures, just unlicensed, floating items. This method is considered a minimally invasive method. Similar to using fillers such as fillers, toxin are methods that are considered to change the structure of skin tissue, thereby creating obvious cosmetic effects. Before performing this measure, it is necessary to have an evaluation by a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic dermatology doctor to see if it is suitable for the indications. If it is appropriate, the doctors will plan the treatment, then proceed to perform this technique. This is a quite popular cosmetic method at home and abroad, has been applied for about 7-8 years in Vietnam, in which it has emerged again for a few years now. With thread material, people currently use 2 types of thread, which are slow-draining threads (only 24k gold and standards PDO, PLLA, PLC, catgut). For this thread, when entering the skin tissue, there will be a supporting effect. At the same time then only this will dissipate in the skin organization. The process that exists in the skin will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, thereby helping to rejuvenate the skin, while limiting the formation of wrinkles … Or in some cases, the thread is used for reducing fat, tightening the biceps, abdomen, etc. Depending on the material, the time spent can only be from 6 months to several years. Stretching is also contraindicated in some cases because of an allergy to the above thread materials,… When there is a need to stretch threads, it is best for customers to go to reputable medical facilities for advice before implementation.