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If you want to slim your calves without any excess fat, everyone must remember these 5 tips


Please keep the following tips in mind if you want to have slim calves like a supermodel!
1. Stop doing calf exercises

Most of the calf can be fat, muscle. Exercise will burn calf fat but can also make calves bigger and more muscular, especially if you focus on building muscle in your calves. Avoid doing any exercises that enlarge the calves. Skip any jumps, uphill runs, or side runs on the treadmill. 2. Low Intensity Workout Low-intensity cardio will burn fat rather than build muscle. Try jogging on a flat surface at a slow to moderate pace, or do some stretching and calves at home. 3. Pay attention to how you walk and run Walking and running will make your calves more muscular. The best way to walk is to touch your heels first and then your toes if you want to slimmer calves. 4. Avoid wearing high heels Wearing high heels will shift the weight of the body towards the front of the feet, creating an effect similar to walking! Try to wear flat shoes. If you can’t live without heels, wear lower heels and wear heels for less time. 5. Reduce body fat mỡ Losing calves is very difficult. So try to lose body fat! Diet and low-intensity exercise will help you lose fat effectively. Ngoc Huyen – Theo girlstyle